From Der Spiegel, quiet revolution: Can globalization help women out of traditional roles? From The Hindu, in the name of honour: The saga of Asian girls in Britain who do not conform to "tradition". They don't make Homo sapiens like they used to: Our species — and individual races — have recently made big evolutionary changes to adjust to new pressures. From FP, why China's currency manipulation doesn't matter: Timothy Geithner should stay away from cheap populism and hold his tongue about the yuan; and what do Saddam Hussein, France, and the Soviet Union all have in common? Finding Mr Right: Is a traditional romance worth all the parties, book signings and online questionnaires? Faithful reader: Do mailroom temps ever have occasion to wear a tuxedo? A growing chorus of observers believes that nanotechnology needs better oversight, especially as it works its way into household staples like cosmetics and sunscreen. A review of Lawyers of the Right: Professionalizing the Conservative Coalition by Ann Southworth. An article on Stanley Fish: Seven professors say what they think. It's the corruption, stupid: An interview with Lawrence Lessig. David Graeber argues that it is only with a general historical understanding of debt and its relationship to violence that we can begin to appreciate our emerging epoch. A review of The Natural History of Unicorns by Chris Lavers.