A new issue of Visions of the City is out. From The Utopian, a debate between Jurgen Habermas and Paolo Flores d'Arcais on religion and the public sphere. From CT, a review of Carl Schmitt and the Jews: The "Jewish Question," the Holocaust, and German Legal Theory by Raphael Gross. A review of Torture and the Ticking Bomb by Bob Brecher. From CRB, a review of books on modern environmentalism. Brian Appleyard on a guide to the 100 best blogs (and part 2). The Lawyer's Tale: Alexander Cockburn on Harvard Law School's hour of shame. A review of Blogging, Citizenship, and the Future of Media. Forgive me, but revenge is sweet: Philip Stephens admits to a guilty and illogical swell of satisfaction when he looks at one or two of the victims of the economic downturn. From FT, a review of books on violence. This is what really connects us to those who were living before 1914 — we, too, live in a period that might be described as vertigo years. What would a government investigation of Bush administration antiterrorism policies look like? Some past inquiries offer models. From Time, a look at how to know when the economy is turning up. Could the worldwide food crisis portend the collapse of global civilization? Arise Atlantis! In the hyper-modern emirate of Dubai, an over-the-top resort channels an ancient legend (minus the cautionary tale).