From The Nation, what legacy did Harold Pinter leave behind? Richard Byrne investigates (and more). Follow Emma Bovary and send your lover messages filled with "flowers, verses, the moon and the stars", but what does literature tell us about love? Inside the rise of the warbots: An interview with Peter Singer, author of Wired for War (and a review at Bookforum). An excerpt from The Gamble: General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2006-2008 by Thomas Ricks (and more and a review). BHL on why foreigners shouldn't expect Obama to be the president of the "decline of the American empire" (and an interview). Why do Americans love peanut butter? Losing our religion: Do more than light a candle for the patron saint of capitalism. Staying in bed is a particularly attractive idea right now — but what kind? Che, the Ronald McDonald of revolution: A look at the cliches of the revolutionary's admirers and detractors. A love letter to good men: Let us reiterate, men don’t suck — in fact, sometimes they’re downright heroic. A review of Photography and Philosophy: Essays on the Pencil of Nature. You've Got Mika: Scarborough and Brzezinski on "Morning Joe" are less Tracy and Hepburn than the Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston for this nutty age. An interview with Tom Perrotta on the evolution of Tracy Flick.