From Al-Ahram, why such a great fear of democracy? Galal Nassar examines the pathology of apathy; and a special issue of "Beyond" on reclaiming the street. An interview with John Perry on the problem of identity. A review of Transfigurements: On the True Sense of Art by John Sallis. Can the sassy, foul-mouthed, hectoring tone that prompted millions of women to buy Skinny Bitch work for men? A review of Free Market Madness: Why Human Nature Is At Odds With Economics — And Why It Matters by Peter A. Ubel (and more and more). What happened to the Perry Bible Fellowship? From Bookforum, second, third, and even more acts: Fitzgerald didn’t believe in second acts for American lives, but his work gets several in adaptation. Wikipedia may be the closest thing to a metropolis yet seen online; like a city, Wikipedia is greater than the sum of its parts (and more). From THES, the internet may one day hold the library of all knowledge, but not while Wikipedia predominates; and publishers see every download of a pirate copy of a textbook as a sale lost; now they are fighting back against the bookaneers. A review of Beyond Uncertainty: Heisenberg, Quantum Physics, and The Bomb by David C. Cassidy. A look at what drives people to steal precious books. Is America’s love affair with the mall over?