From The New Yorker, Steve Coll on Obama’s options in Pakistan; Jeffrey Toobin on the stealth activism of John Roberts; Lauren Collins on Ari Emanuel and learning-disorder awareness; and fish out of water: Todd Palin at Alaska House. New York is in defense of distraction: Twitter, Adderall, lifehacking, mindful jogging, power browsing, Obama's BlackBerry, and the benefits of overstimulation. From The New York Times, almost all his life Jack Kerouac played a fantasy baseball game of his own invention, a hobby that even close friends and fellow Beats never knew about (and from Bookforum, fifty years after the publication of On the Road, the question remains: where was Kerouac going?) Minding the Animals: An article on ethology and the obsolescence of Left Humanism. Beer is generally thought to be a man’s drink, but why don't women drink beer? It is right and true for Christians to drink beer — to paraphrase Hans Rookmaaker: beer needs no justification. Notre Dame embraces Obama, a priest makes out on the beach — time for a little soul-searching in Catholic America? From Seed, five experts debate engineering the climate, how it would be governed, and the ways we're doing it already. The politics of climate hacking: What happens if one country decides to start geoengineering on its own