A new issue of Sexual Intelligence is out. Sentimental Journey: An elegy for Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, 1950-2009. The politicians under fire in "Outrage" already have been written about in gay and mainstream media, so the film doesn't exactly "out" anyone. Goodbye to the suburban porn star: The era of films like "Deep Throat" seems as remote as that of Busby Berkeley musicals. A review of Men: Evolutionary and Life History by Richard G. Bribiescas. What is a man? Read this, print it, thumbtack it to your desk — thank Esquire later. Women's service magazines traditionally bring in top ad dollars, but as Barbara Jobber found out, old standby Homemakers was falling behind upstarts such as More. An article on Tyra Banks's unusual brand of feminism. From New Statesman, an article on Wired's Chris Anderson: "We were so keen to believe that Web 2.0 would make the world fairer that we rejected all evidence to the contrary"; whatever prophets of the net say, information for its own sake is not power — power is power; and far from liberating us, technology isolates us and makes us stupid; and a review of Inside Steve’s Brain: Business Lessons from Steve Jobs, the Man Who Saved Apple by Leander Kahney. A review of Grimoires: A History of Magic Books by Owen Davies (and more).