Paul B. Stephan (Virginia): The Problem with Cooperation. How many countries to run the world? David Rothkopf wants to know. We need greater global governance: The crisis reveals the weakness of nation-based regulation. Alexander Wendt on the inevitability of world government. From PUP, the introduction to The Politics of Global Regulation. "If only our financial regulations were dumber": It's not a cry you hear often, but it may be the most cogent criticism of the convoluted regulatory approach of recent decades. Who regulates the regulators? Obama's far-reaching proposal for financial regulations is a mixed bag — can Congress improve the project? Tax us, please: President Obama needs to ignore any outrage and impose a gas tax now. Something Wicked This Way Grows: The first video game about the Iraq war provoked a firestorm of its own; a realistic game about the second invasion of Fallujah might be a bit too ambitious. A review of A Vindication of Love: Reclaiming Romance for the Twenty-First Century by Cristina Nehring (and more and more and more). Why does the idea of an insincere truth-seeker seem so intuitively implausible? The lost art of conceding defeat: At the upper reaches of society, we litigate ever more readily and accept misfortune with ever less stoicism. Is an ugly baby harder to love?