From Foreign Policy, here's the 2009 Failed States Index (and a response). Bound Men: Why black conservatism has so much explaining to do and why it’s already lost. Stephen Law on the case of the sixth islander and Jesus' historicity. Fears of Muslim anger over religious book: Does God Hate Women? by Jeremy Stangroom and Ophelia Benson cites attitudes to women and criticises Mohammed's marriage. Could the era of overparenting — also known as helicoptering, smothering mothering, alpha parenting or child-centered parenting — be over? A review of Simon Garfield’s Mini: the True and Secret History of the Making of a Motor Car. A review of The Vision Revolution by Mark Changizi. Remixed Messages: What happens when an artifact of persuasion encounters the modern marketplace. Nicole Rudick reviews Black Light by Kehinde Wiley. A review of Lives in Science: How Institutions Affect Academic Careers by Joseph C. Hermanowicz. An article on Awful Library Books, a blog that catalogs the worst books found on local shelves. The Joys of Brain Scrubbing: A look at the advantages of memory deletion in a collectively omniscient world. Two researchers crunching population statistics have confirmed an unsettling reality: How did 100,000,000 women disappear?