From The Economist, a cover story on what went wrong with economics and how the discipline should change to avoid the mistakes of the past; an article on the turmoil among macroeconomists; and what remains of the efficient-markets hypothesis? From Adbusters, a special issue on thought control in economics; when the going gets tough, economists go very quiet; interviews with George Akerlof, Lourdes Beneria, Herman Daly, and Joseph Stiglitz; articles on the post-autistic movement in economics and econophysics, a new paradigm; and at what point does economic growth become uneconomic growth? The myth of economy versus environment: Not even the driest conservative will be able to ignore the economic risks of climate change much longer. Why are economists so bad at forecasting? From Carnegie Council, a panel on Economics Does Not Lie: A Defense of the Free Market in a Time of Crisis by Guy Sorman. Market dogma is exposed as myth — where is the new vision to unite us? Do we all spend too much time obsessing about political matters, when really the focus should be securing everyday socio-economic matters? The power of the top 1%: The debate over income inequality is about democracy, not economics. More on Jeff Madrick's The Case for Big Government.