Evolution 2.0: What would a theory of evolution for technology look like, and do technologies descend by some unambiguous process from the collective of earlier technologies? A look at how technology is on the way to forecasting humanity's needs. Not the great liberator: A review of The Cultural Logic of Computation by David Golumbia. The myth of technological progress: We are not living in a time of technical decline exactly, but we are also not living in a time of great progress. Falling out of love with market myths: When it comes to buying into economic theories to suit their interests, technology entrepreneurs are as bad as the bankers we demonise. Forget about innovation and exotic new technology: People still haven’t learned to use the technology we already have. When cheap and simple is just fine: Entire markets have been transformed by products that trade power or fidelity for low price, flexibility, and convenience. After a while gadgets break and you throw them away — there's nothing you can do about it, right? Hacking into iPhones with friends: Teens bond by jailbreaking the mobile. Do computers make us more human, or are the friendships we make and the arguments we have online really thinner and less satisfying? An emerging field known as sentiment analysis is taking shape around one of the computer world’s unexplored frontiers: translating the vagaries of human emotion into hard data.