A review of Aesthetics and Nature by Glenn Parsons. Here are sample chapters from The Princeton Guide to Ecology. A review of Terra: Tales of the Earth — Four Events that Changed the World by Richard Hamblyn. A review of Nature's Ghosts: Confronting Extinction from the Age of Jefferson to the Age of Ecology by Mark Barrow (and an excerpt). With climate change and population growth threatening the viability of traditional farming, the time is right for the world to build the first vertical farm in an urban center. How are urbanization and other human influences affecting the biodiversity and health of ecosystems? From TNR, what happens when there's nowhere left for trash? Is greywater (the water that comes from bathtubs, showers, wash basins and clothes washers) use a boon or an environmental disaster? The age of breathing underwater: Environmentalists have long struggled to save Nature from humanity’s negligence; but how can we learn to thrive in the climate we’ve created? The answer begins beneath the sea. A review of Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King by Brad Matsen (and more). How green is your sushi? Natasha Loder takes a marine biologist to lunch to find out. Don’t blubber, it’s biology: Everyone should watch a whale being dissected — it teaches us about life. A look at how the loss of top predators is causing a surge in smaller predators and ecosystem collapse. For insight into fabulously complex ecological dynamics, Aaron Ellison peers into the cupped leaves of carnivorous pitcher plants. What ever happened to the Amazon Rain Forest — did we save it or what?