From the Ryerson Review of Journalism, extreme J-school: From a safe distance, Chelsea Murray reports on courses where the real-life lessons are don't get killed or kidnapped or captured; though it may come as a shock to many in the business, not all journalism school graduates want to practice our honourable craft; in an environment of cutbacks and layoffs, some stick with the craft and others jump ship for better or worse results — Amy Fuller explores life after journalism; and these days, journalists have to be brand managers, too. From Neiman Reports, a special issue on The Digital Landscape: What’s next for news? The debate is always black and white: Put up a paywall or lose money — but the Daily Mail's website is getting so big it needn't do either. The right to global gossip: John Lloyd on how journalists thrive on secrets exposed. Chicago Sun-Times Washington bureau chief Lynn Sweet covers national politics with a no-holds-barred approach. A review of Morning Miracle: Inside The Washington Post: A Great Newspaper Fights for Its Life by David Kindred (and more). Carl Bernstein says the "Golden Age" of investigative journalism never existed. Adios, Gray Lady: Joseph Epstein cancels his New York Times subscription. The Gray Lady of Cable News: Many think Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S., has lost the cable-news war to Fox, but CNN has racked up record profits by being bland.