From The Big Money, Marion Maneker on the weird logic of paywall challengers. It really should be called the life and times of film director George Lucas: A review of Star Wars: Year by Year. Bart and Lisa Go Head-to-Head: This is a very quick test of your ability to make sense of some fairly simple data. Pascal Fouche, author of an encyclopaedia of the book, Dictionnaire encyclopedique du livre, discusses whether publishers are prepared for the challenge posed by the dematerialisation of the printed word. What’s wrong is the same thing that’s wrong with discrimination based on race, ethnicity, or gender: Beauty bias is the last frontier of acceptable bigotry. Looks can deceive: Why perception and reality don't always match up. And the World Turned: Cheesy, cliched, and still strangely bewitching, soap operas are falling victim to their own bastard children. Following the death of his daughter Olivia, Roald Dahl became convinced that religion was a sham (and an excerpt). Marginalia and forgotten mementoes are often squirreled away inside conventional books — what will become of such treasures in the age of the ebook? A review of Slave Revolts in Antiquity by Theresa Urbainczyk. A review of Yeats and Violence by Michael Wood. How much oil is left on Earth? Garrett Heany investigates. Justin Bieber can hear them scream: New York goes inside the bubble with the 16-year-old sensation, as the fans start closing in.