Ingrid M. Hoofd (NUS): Between Baudrillard, Braidotti and Butler: Rethinking Left-Wing Feminist Theory in Light of Neoliberal Acceleration. Fien Adriaens (Ghent): Post Feminism in Popular Culture: A Potential for Critical Resistance? Shira Chess (RPI): How to Play a Feminist. From New Politics, a special section on women's issues. From Reconstruction, Diederik F. Janssen on gender trouble as tentative analogue for maturity trouble. A review of Lies Women Believe: And the Truth That Sets Them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. The myth of the fairer sex: Women, especially self-proclaimed feminists, must own the truth about our gender's capacity for violence if we are ever going to be effective in ending it. Is Lady Gaga a feminist? An interview with philosopher Nancy Bauer. "White Girl Problems"? Black girls have them, too. From The Scavenger, an unmarried, childless woman recently became the Prime Minister of Australia — for some commentators, Julia Gillard's lifestyle choices make her a bad role model for women. To The Lighthouse: Thomas J. Scheff on feminine mastery of inner dialogue. Do we still need to carve out separate spaces for girls and women in order to ensure that their ideas are heard? A review of Rape: Sex, Violence, History by Joanna Bourke. Sheryl WuDunn on our century's greatest injustice, the oppression of women globally. No Exit: Should victims of domestic abuse be eligible for asylum in the US?