A new issue of European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy is out. From William James Studies, David C. Lamberth (Harvard): What to Make of James's Genetic Theory of Truth; and Scott Sinclair (SLU): William James as American Plato? To mark the centenary of William James's death, this week The Second Pass will be devoted to James, including an essay by J.C. Hallman on how to fathom an emotion, and at New Humanist, Jonathan Ree calls for a return to his humane example. From World Policy Journal, an article on India: Healthcare for under $30 per year; Brazil: Healthcare on $300 per year; and France: Healthcare on $3,000 a year. The best-selling author and Christian apologist Dinesh D'Souza has been selected as the new president of the King's College, a small Christian institution located in the Empire State Building. The Third Replicator: Information is being copied at previously unheard of rates — has the Internet given birth to a new evolutionary process? Learning the hard way: Every day, the Martu people of Western Australia go to extraordinary lengths to find or hunt what they need to eat — how they do it offers lessons for the rest of us. Richard Beck reviews The Fall of Buster Keaton: His Films for MGM, Educational Pictures, and Columbia by James L. Neibaur. From the Huffington Post, a look at 15 feisty independent literary presses and the 17 most exciting university presses in the country.