A new issue of Theoria is out. From Signs, Karen Haworth (UWF): Paleosemiosis; and a review of Cybersemiotics: Why Information is Not Enough! by Soren Brier. A documentary reveals the philosophy of parking lot attendants. Miss Not-So-Perfect USA: Although rocked by lasting scandal and controversy, pageants have continued to stay the course. As we hunch over computers in airless office cubicles, many of us wish we could take a break from our daily routine — but vacationing can be an anxious endeavor in its own right; the following books begin with pleasant holidays, but end up delivering something darker and more complex. From The Paris Review, Eric Banks keeps a culture diary this week. How do we choose a mate? What scientists are learning from online dating. From Cracked, a look at 6 great novels that were hated in their time; and 6 words that need to be banned from the English language. There's big money in applied narratology! Scott McLemee finds out too late to benefit from the bubble SWF, loves Sebald, seeks same in man: Is it important to date someone with a similar bookshelf to yours? The sluggish international response to the Pakistan floods emergency is actually not all that sluggish — here are the five most under-funded and ignored humanitarian crises. An interview with Chris Lehmann, author of Rich People Things. Barry Levine, editor of the National Enquirer, has little use for the fake celebrity world of Us Weekly and OK! — instead, he wants to open a DC bureau.