From The Indian Review of World Literature in English, Megha Trivedi on Thea Astley: Writing in an overpoweringly male dominated literary world. Sleeping in safe places: An experimental investigation of human sleeping place preferences from an evolutionary perspective. An interview with Colin Blakemore: "It’s touch and go whether we humans will outlive the century". A short recent history of American capitalism: There is one sure opportunity for you in the wake of the Great Recession — and it's not gold. As part of VPRO International’s Backlight series, Slavoj Zizek discusses many of the themes from his new book Living in the End Times. A unique set of landscapes from around the globe — from Siberia to the South Pacific islands have been added to the list of Natural World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Go forth, make friends: Having a social network is very good for you — really. A review of The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Work and at Home by Dan Ariely (and more). Is the pen name mightier than the sword, or just a modern writer's flimsy foil? 3-D filmmaking's radical, revolutionary potential: Forget Avatar and Step Up 3D — when filmmakers finally master 3-D, it will mark the start of a new art form. From UUWorld, a review of books on death. More about intellect than ideology: Yuval Levin says his journal National Affairs is "neoconservative in the original sense".