Benjamin Tucker (FAU): The Ethics of Memory in Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan. Elizabeth Cooke (Indiana): Poorest in the West: Probing Haiti’s Image in the Wake of the 2008 Hurricane Season. What would the GOP do? Probably nothing that different from what’s being done, and yet — outrage! French professors find life in US hard to resist: A study found that academics constitute a much larger percentage of French emigres than 30 years ago. From NYRB, David Cole on Obama’s torture problem. The neuroscience of time: How do you really know what time it is? Oddball minds of the western world: Almost everything we know about human psychology comes from studying people like us — trouble is, we have a really strange way of thinking. Faking It: Tilly Gifford on supermarket aethetics and their obsession with perfectly formed vegetables. Guilty until proven guilty: How the "War on Terror" is threatening the presumption of innocence. Why fairy tales are immortal: About 50 years ago, critics were predicting the death of the fairy tale, so it shrugged off his help and laughed at its critics. The introduction to After We Die: The Life and Times of the Human Cadaver by Norman L. Cantor. A review of The History of the Social Sciences since 1945. The Attention-Span Myth: Can technology erode something that doesn’t exist? Diseases of affluence: Everywhere Western ideas touch down, people get fatter — urbanization is literally making us sick. Toronto is very close to being one of the leading cultural centres in the world — why should it be dangerous to say this? Video killed the faculty star: In what seems the TMZ-ification of higher education, three separate professors have found themselves the subjects of “gotcha” YouTube segments in recent days.