From Public Knowledge Journal, a special issue on public information in a democracy. U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay slams China for their imprisonment of Liu Xiaobo, defends Julian Assange. From The New Yorker, an article on Rod King, the man behind the slow-driving movement. Why are Latin American countries endorsing a Palestinian state? A Palestinian state means war: Why Abbas shouldn't go unilateral. Jim Morrison gets a posthumous pardon — so with the culture in a clement mood, who else should win absolution? From The Atlantic, here's a look at ten of the most remarkable ideas to have emerged in 2010. The first chapter from The Global Carbon Cycle by David Archer. Achieve mathematical immortality by giving a theorem your name: For a small fee you can realise that dream of joining the mathematical greats. Matt Taibbi on Matt Bai's post-partisanship. Black Hawk Up: Dominic Tierney on the forgotten American success story in Somalia. A review of The Finger: A Handbook by Angus Trumble. From Slate, Rose George spends five weeks on a container ship. Laptopistan: Where open laptops mean a buzz of (quiet) activity. The politics of destruction: Emmet J. Bondurant on the Senate filibuster. The malady of me: Even if it’s dropped from the bible of psychiatric disorders, the narcissistic personality will still be with us. Duane W. Roller on Cleopatra’s true racial background (and does it really matter?)