From ISR, a review of Lenin’s Political Thought: Theory and Practice in the Democratic and Socialist Movement by Neil Harding; and what do socialists say about democracy? Socialists are for the fullest democracy, whereas capitalism curtails it. From First Things, Elizabeth Scalia on why Marxism always fails. Jiri Pehe and Benedict Seymour debate Marxism: Radical alternative or totalitarian relic? A review of Marx at the Margins: On Nationalism, Ethnicity and Non-Western Societies by Kevin Anderson. You might be a Marxist if you’re class conscious. A review of books by Alex Callinicos on imperialism. The Bolivian Road to Socialism: Mike Geddes argues we can learn from the Bolivian experiences of working in and against the state. From Social Europe Journal, how to answer populism? Robin Wilson discuss how the Left should (not) react to political populism; and Michael Lind on republican liberty and the future of the centre-left. Social democracy is at death's door, writes John Kearne, but an alternative may be emerging. Instead of concurring with the stance of the overall rejection of formal institutions, Nigel Thrift poses the question of “how one can rework institutions and their work ethic in order for them to be appropriate to our times”. A review of Envisioning Real Utopias by Erik Olin Wright. An interview with John Bake, author of Arguing for Equality and co-author of Equality: From Theory to Action.