A new issue of the Cato Journal is out. Andras Sajo (CEU): Empathy and Human Rights: The Case of Slavery. From The Village Voice, an interview with Dov Charney, CEO of American Apparel. Joel S. Hirschhorn on why so many Americans hate Obama. Budgetary Hemlock: Nevada seeks to eliminate philosophy. Waitin' for the Syndrome: Frank Jacobs on a rock and roll map of Manhattan. From The University Bookman, a review of Defiant Joy: The Remarkable Life & Impact of G. K. Chesterton by Kevin Belmonte; and an interview with Gary L. Gregg, the Mitch McConnell Chair in Leadership at the University of Louisville. America's Jane Austen dating methods: It is shameful to see America, the once great superpower, basing its dating methods on ye olde British customs. A review of Sexual Injustice: Supreme Court Decisions from Griswold to Roe by Marc Stein. Coolie revolts: An excerpt from The Devil’s Milk: A Social History of Rubber by John Tully. Researchers from Nottingham University Business School say their survey proves it’s time for the city to re-embrace its most famous, albeit probably mythical, hero. A review of I is an Other: The Secret Life of Metaphor and How it Shapes the Way We See the World by James Geary. Robert de Neufville on how gas is still cheap in the US. Richard Holbrooke was famous for negotiating an end to the war in the Balkans in 1995, but he died before he could complete what seemed an impossibly difficult final assignment: bringing peace to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why do people think they can see ghosts, ghoulies and gods? Richard Wiseman explains. An excerpt from Craving Earth: Understanding Pica — the Urge to Eat Clay, Starch, Ice, and Chalk by Sera Young. Polluters have the tech they need to reduce toxic mercury and make Americans healthier.