Matt Zwolinski (USD): Structural Exploitation. How New York Times reporter Mark Hawthorne dropped out and became a hate evangelist in Berkeley. The Policy Apocalypse: The right's ridiculous rhetoric on Obama will have a real effect on policy. David Rosen on America's changing sexual appetites. Larry Beinhart on the astonishing stupidity of not raising taxes on the rich when budgets are tight. The Journal of Unsolved Questions, online in Mainz, Germany, seems well worth a look. Nobrowmanship: The desired state is “one-upness”, which is sort of a nirvana for petty individuals. Viva la Recesion: Are bad economies good for democracy? Who's more likely to be right: A century of economics or as billion years of evolution? The collapse of secure retirement: The dream of a modestly middle-class retirement is fading. The first ever study of its kind by See Change Strategy takes a deep dive into medical pot, a growth industry. A review of Zero Degrees of Empathy: A New Theory of Human Cruelty by Simon Baron-Cohen. A new lease on life for humanitarianism: How Operation Odyssey Dawn will revive RtoP. What's wrong with a little sex? If J. Michael Bailey, the Northwestern professor who introduced America to a certain motorized toy, doesn't sound very sorry, it's because he doesn't think he did anything wrong. A review of Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Manning Marable. Government shutdown: How Democrats and Republicans are already spinning it. When we travel, the meanings consumerism ascribes to objects become opaque, and the choices we have to make — where to eat, where to go, what to do — can abruptly seem arbitrary, pointless. Robert Pape on the new standard for humanitarian intervention: How Libya may set a new global precedent for when international military action is — and isn't — warranted. Can a pill bring sexy back? Questioning a film, its feminism, and the FDA.