From Law, Social Justice and Global Development, a special issue on access to justice in Indonesia. A review of "If you leave us here, we will die": How genocide was stopped in East Timor by Geoffrey Robinson. What will happen to Singapore when its 87-year old founding father Lee Kuan Yew dies?: A review of Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going. The Thai-Cambodia border clashes show yet again that maps have no binding juridical significance unless they are accepted by both sides (and more). From NYRB, Margo Picken on the beleaguered Cambodians; and Pico Iyer on Tibet’s quiet revolution. The charge of money laundering against Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje brings the politics of the Tibetan community in exile into the spotlight. A review of The Uyghurs: Strangers in Their Own Land by Gardner Bovingdon. A review of The ETIM: China's Islamic Militants and the Global Terrorist Threat by J. Todd Reed and Diana Raschke. Who rules China? Next year, the country gets a new president. An article on China's most secret weapon: The messenger pigeon. An interview with Aung San Suu Kyi on sanctions, karma, and the future. The myth of Japan's lost decades: Japan's economy has not been stagnant; it has in fact been growing in real terms. Filipinos are grappling with terrorists in the south, allegations of corruption in the military and a recent fire that razed thousands of homes, but the topic that seems to hold the public's endless fascination: the president's love life. Pack a suitcase for Pyongyang: North Korea may be an unlikely destination for study abroad, but its border has been breached. Getting Asia on the global stage: Why must Asians demand that global institutions be more open to their participation, ideas and leadership?