From Japan Focus, an article on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Toward a regional and global realignment? China's communism, which features a competitive exchange rate to create jobs for the masses, and its capitalism, which is aimed at getting a better return on state money, are fusing into one. The Forbidden City of Terry Gou: His complex in China turns out iPhones and PCs, powering the biggest exporter you've never heard of. A review of Vishnu's Crowded Temple by Maria Misra. Two books on the history of Russian philosophy and the treatment of its intellectuals provide chilling context for developments in the Vladimir Putin era, writes Carlin Romano.

Liberalism, Democracy, and the Jewish State: A review of Overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel/Palestine by Joel Kovel; A Stranger in the Land: Jewish Identity Beyond Nationalism by Daniel Cil Brecher; Walled: Israeli Society at an Impasse by Sylvain Cypel; and Will Israel Survive? by Mitchell G. Bard. The Hamas Dilemma: With all eyes focused on Palestine, will the Islamic Resistance Movement choose violence and ideology or pragmatic rule? An article on how a "Good War" in Afghanistan went bad. Universities flourish in Kurdistan Campuses are packed with students in a region largely untouched by war. David Gardner on America’s illusory strategy in Iraq.

From City Journal, a review of The Argument: Billionaires, Bloggers, and the Battle to Remake Democratic Politics by Matt Bai (and more). What do the Democratic presidential candidates talk about when they talk about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues? Partners and power: How far can a “two-for-one” candidacy go? Hillary as right's choice? Clinton's free-trade economics and posturing on security could endear her to conservatives unimpressed by the GOP field. From The New Yorker, sparring partners: Hendrik Hertzberg on Obama vs. Clinton; Jeffrey Toobin on The Shrum Curse; and Mayberry Man: Is what New York never liked about Rudy Giuliani exactly what the heartland loves? From Portfolio, Please, Not Another M.B.A. President: Mitt Romney has private equity cred, but that might not be so useful in the White House.