Clever Mapaure (Namibia): Reinvigorating African Values for SADC: The Relevance of Traditional African Philosophy of Law in a Globalising World of Competing Perspectives. Tin Cheuk Leung (CUHK) and John T. Dalton (Wake Forest): Why is Polygyny More Prevalent in Western Africa? An African Slave Trade Perspective. How do the last surviving monarchs of Africa's grandest kingdoms live in modern times? How Africans want to be seen. The problem with secession: If individual nations cannot overcome their differences, how can a continent come together to advance economic and political sovereignty? Darfur is getting worse: Why aren’t the UN and US pressuring Khartoum to reverse this horrific trend? Stephen W. Smith on the story of Laurent Gbagbo. The fate of a nation: Can Alassane Ouattara, Ivory Coast’s new president, save his country? A look at the ethnic dimensions of the conflict in Ivory Coast (and more). A friendly little dictatorship in the Horn of Africa: Why the world doesn't care about Djibouti's autocracy. Are the winds of change sweeping the Middle East reaching Burkina Faso? The heart of bleakness: Sifting through the wreckage of Congo’s conflict economy. A from-the-ground report on how the tapping of Angola’s natural resources has kept the country a killing field, and made it one of the world’s most glaringly inefficient kleptocracies. Death by Tabloid: Giles Muhame, Uganda’s most infamous journalist, makes no apologies. The supposed Christian-Muslim vendetta in West Africa is a front for a much simpler story. An African success: In Namibia, the people and wildlife coexist.