From Asia Times, the assault on the United States' supremacy has been as striking as it has been unexpected — from the breaking of the Anglo-American 24-hour news monopoly globally to the rise of the Russian energy superpower and of the Chinese economic juggernaut. New powers are challenging different aspects of US dominance. Re-ordering the world order: The expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation means that, despite America's strong disapproval, a multi-polar global order is emerging. Seizing American supremacy: Throughout history, rising powers have overtaken superpowers. The United States will not prove an exception.

William G. Howell and Jon C. Pevehouse (Chicago): When Congress Stops Wars: Politics doesn't stop at the water's edge, and never has. From American Diplomacy, Towards a New Strategic Imperative: From Fighting the Long War to Fighting to Win. Anatol Lieven on how Humanitarian Action Can Mask an Imperial Agenda: What we now call human rights advocacy can also be used to feed agendas of hatred, arrogance and aggression. Eric Rauchway on America's hypocritical impulse to spread freedom and democracy. Yes, George Bush does recall a British wartime prime minister: However much the president may mould himself on Churchill, he has far more in common with the great appeaser, Chamberlain.

From The Globalist, an article on U.S. foreign policy and the Arab world: Why is it in the United States' interest to fundamentally re-evaluate its engagement with the Arab world? How have U.S. missteps in the Arab world augmented anti-Americanism? Will the United States learn from its mistakes in the Arab world?  Don't know much about history: Why is George Bush suddenly making parallels between Iraq and Vietnam? Because he's preparing to shift the blame for another disaster. The misleading Vietnam analogy: Bush needs to look no further for killing fields and refugees than modern-day Iraq, even without a withdrawal. How will the media respond to the “Vietnamization” of rhetoric on Iraq? At least three major papers quickly sought out critics who have tried to debunk it.