From Democracy, a symposium on Decision 2024: Our Parties, Our Politics, with contributions by Ruy Teixeira, David Frum, Gary Segura, Nancy L. Rosenblum, and Kevin Drum, among others. "It's even worse than it looks": Tom Mann and Norm Ornstein at U.C. Berkeley on the GOP. Christina Romer on why it’s time for the Fed to lead the fight. Conservatives never liked left-wing, government-run solutions to problems like unaffordable health care and climate change; these days they don't seem to like right-wing, market solutions, either. Peter Orszag on the looming showdown: Come next January, our dysfunctional system will have to function — here’s one possible path toward an outside-the-box budget deal. From The New Yorker, what would Obama do if reelected? Ryan Lizza on the second term. Steer the car, don't blame the road: America's economic future will be determined in America, not Europe. Did Republicans deliberately crash the US economy? It is difficult to imagine Paul Krugman cheering for the Republicans, but there is nothing essentially “leftwing” about his analysis. Sasha Issenberg on Michael Tesler’s theory that all political positions come down to racial bias. Obama or Romney — how about both? Leon Neyfakh wonders.