From Failure, unable to settle on a candidate, Americans Elect falls out of the 2012 presidential race — what’s next for the non-profit, non-partisan political group? (and more) From Ballot Access News, the Objectivist Party expects to place presidential ticket on ballot in two states (and more). Can Occupy Wall Street trust its own candidate? Running for Congress, George Martinez calls himself the Occupiers' candidate — the rest of the movement isn't so sure. Rolling Stone on the “voter fraud” myth debunked. Geoffrey R. Stone on fixing Citizens United. Steve Clemons on what it really takes to change Washington. Gaffes don't just "happen" — a political rival takes note, sure, but a gaffe is a gaffe when reporters say so. Somewhere along the line it became OK for politicians to ignore facts and present truth as the thing they want to be true — is it too late to restore sanity to political discourse? Once Washington was a happy place where a girl and her mother could be groped simultaneously in good fun by a white supremacist; sadly, it has all been ruined by Kim Kardashian and Ezra Klein.