From Behavior and Social Issues, Mitch J. Fryling (CSPP): The Impact of Applied Behavior Analysis on the Science of Behavior; Angela Sanguinetti (UC-Irvine): The Design of Intentional Communities: A Recycled Perspective on Sustainable Neighborhoods; and Christina A. Lydon and Kerry D. Rohmeier (Nevada), Sophia C. Yi (Loyola), Mark A. Mattaini (UIC), and W. Larry Williams (Nevada): How Far Do You Have to Go to Get a Cheeseburger Around Here? The Realities of an Environmental Design Approach to Curbing the Consumption of Fast-Food. The Perfected Self: Once denounced by critics as a fascist idea, "behavior modification" is making a comeback, powered by smartphone apps that aim to transform us into better versions of ourselves. James Wolcott on how the recent comedowns of Oprah, Howard Stern, Conan O’Brien, and Simon Cowell, among others, reveal the ways a star’s luster can fade. Christopher Hayes on why elites fail: They’re hyper-educated, ambitious and well rewarded — so why are our elites so incompetent? Since right-wingers stupidly decided to make the penguin their official animal of morality in the culture war, it’s of great enjoyment to learn more about the actual sexual behavior of penguins.