From New Scientist, what causes some photos, videos, and Twitter posts to spread across the internet like wildfire while others fall by the wayside? What goes viral may be completely arbitrary. The other Internet problem: One of the starkest contrasts between American and Jewish law involves humiliation — today, an American can literally embarrass someone to death. We, the web kids: Piotr Czerski on how the expectations of young people have been conditioned by their experiences of the Internet. Does Facebook turn people into narcissists? With friends like these: Therapists fear that social networking is changing the way we relate to each other. Facebook knows your friends, even if they’re not on Facebook: Facebook can infer many things, even about people who deliberately stay away. New York University philosopher Helen Nissenbaum has put her approach to privacy at the center of the national agenda. From Vice, for someone who likes to talk about the virtues of disconnecting, the media critic Douglas Rushkoff seems surprisingly always on; and why does nobody know what “trolling” means? (somebody who just has very bad manners?)