From YaleGlobal, an essay on globalization and cultural diversity: The film industry offers more choices, explores more cultures, than ever before. A look at how Sessue Hayakawa conquered early Hollywood and promoted the "American way of life" in Japan. It’s Derrida versus Jerry Lewis: Despite the conflicts between France and the US, the two countries have a fatal propensity to fall in love with each other on celluloid. From Killing the Buddha, a look at why Alasdair MacIntyre and Woody Allen make great companions. Greg Veltman goes in search of good film: nine signposts. Radar's Fall Movie Preview asks: Can you tell the difference between real movies and fakes? Aging gracefully with Michelle Pfeiffer: How our memories are linked with movie stars. From American Sexuality, an article on TV and the 70s Sex Revolution. There's a good reason why "as seen on TV" is a badge of credibility—and an equally good reason why "as seen on the Internet" would mean next to nothing.