Justin Clarke-Doane (NYU): Platonic Semantics. A review of De Lingua Belief by Robert Fiengo and Robert May. From TED, Steven Pinker talks about language and thought; and a review of The Stuff of Thought (and an excerpt). The first chapter from Memory: The Key to Consciousness by Richard F. Thompson and Stephen A. Madigan. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, a review of Self-Consciousness by Sebastian Rodl; a review of Self-Knowledge and Resentment by Akeel Bilgrami; a review of The Austrian Contribution to Analytic Philosophy; and a review of Reductionism in the Philosophy of Science by Christian Sachse. The introduction to Enhancing Evolution: The Ethical Case for Making Better People by John Harris. An interview with Olivia Judson, author of "The Selfless Gene" on the evolutionary roots of altruism and fellow feeling. A review of Moral Literacy by Barbara Herman.