From the Scholar and Feminist Online, a special issue on a New Queer Agenda. Yuvraj Joshi on respectable queerness. An academic auto-da-fe: A sociologist whose data find fault with same-sex relationships is savaged by the progressive orthodoxy (and a response). From Tikkun, Arthur Slepian on an inconvenient truth and the myths of pinkwashing (and responses). Whiteness is the standard of beauty in American gay male culture; do white gay dudes realize it? The Chickens and the Bulls: William McGowan on the rise and incredible fall of a vicious extortion ring that preyed on prominent gay men in the 1960s. More and more and more on Linda Hirshman’s Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution. After years of viewing the LGBT community as the "worst of what sin had to offer", Tim Kurek wanted to find out what it was like on the other side. Suzy Khimm on America’s gayest ZIP codes, in two tables. You don't have to move to the Big City to live a happy gay life. From Vice, here’s an etiquette guide for straight people in gay bars. Ben Cake on six things men can learn from getting hit on by men.