Jason Sorens (Buffalo) and Willaim Ruger (TSU): Does Foreign Investment Really Reduce Repression? Or Bassok (Yale): The Two Countermajoritarian Difficulties. The world's fastest growing economy: Mongolia is part of a new class of countries that, like the Middle Eastern states that got rich selling oil to the West, have hitched their economies to resource-hungry China. Rosecrans Baldwin embarks on a two-week journey across the United States — passing through a handful of small towns named Paris — to find out what Americans really think about the French these days. A review of The Cambridge Companion to Existentialism. Facebook has added you as an informant. The next wave of standardized testing is here, measuring your kids in art, music, and phys ed — is that even possible? An interview with Roger Scruton, author of A Plea for Beauty: A Manifesto for a New Urbanism.