A new issue of Africa Spectrum is out. Jeremy Prestholdt (UCSD): Africa and the Global Lives of Things. From Cultural Anthropology, is Cote d'Ivoire cooling down? A symposium on a year after the Battle for Abidjan. Genomics and African queens: Diversity within Ethiopian genomes reveals imprints of historical events. Why Kenyans make such great runners: Max Fisher on a story of genes and cultures. How not to write about Africa: The media shamefully neglects Africa — until it decides to swarm a story with terrible coverage. The White Correspondent's Burden: Africa is many things, all at the same time — so why do you see the same simplified media stories over and over again? From Vice, a look at a cringeworthy letter from an idiot who wants to save Africa. Colonizing African values: How the U.S. Christian Right is transforming sexual politics in Africa. A review of Famine and Foreigners: Ethiopia Since Live Aid by Peter Gill. Once living up to its name as the grandest hotel in all of Africa, the Grande Hotel of Beira is now home to a community of squatters. Louise Redvers on Angola's Chinese-built ghost town. Dana Hughes and Kathryn H. Floyd on Africa’s love-hate relationship with China.