Susan J. Linz and Yu-Wei Chu (MSU): Weber, Marx, and Work Values: Evidence from Transition Economies. Collapse as crucible: Tony Wood on the reforging of Russian society. From Geocurrents, a special series on Siberia; and Asya Pereltsvaig on “Divided Russia” maps and xenophobic nationalist views. Russia’s intellectuals look for the exit: More are complaining that they cannot work, or even think, in the increasingly repressive country. End of the affair: Why Russian liberals no longer look up to America and the West as a model. An interview with Stephen Collier, author of Post-Soviet Social: Neoliberalism, Social Modernity, Biopolitics. The Rise and Fall of a Russian Energy Baron: The formidable duo of Putin and Sechin take aim at powerful energy clans — but whose interests are they really defending? Don’t be fooled: Russia Today is trash. If authoritarianism is a relic of a pre-democratic age, Putinism, like the late regime of Putin’s friend Silvio Berlusconi, is not authoritarian. Andranik Migranyan on Pussy Riot’s Pyrrhic victory. Nitsuh Abebe on why Pussy Riot is big in America, but not Russia. What does the Pussy Riot sentencing mean for Russia's opposition?