Lucinda Vandervort (Saskatchewan): Sexual Consent as Voluntary Agreement: Tales of “Seduction” or Questions of Law? The newsmagazine world has been turned on its head; yet one weekly publication, The Economist, is arguably more prestigious than at any time in its 169-year history. Monica Potts on five things government does better than you do: Economics assumes people are rational actors in the market, but we know a lot less about how to manage money than we think. Americans tune out Afghan war: It was once President Barack Obama's "war of necessity" — now, it's America's forgotten war. Alan Wolfe on the ridiculous rise of Ayn Rand. How WikiLeaks blew it: Johua Keating on the sad downfall of Julian Assange and his empire of secrets. How to succeed in business without adding value: Private equity firms claim they help create jobs and improve businesses, but that is not the whole truth. I'd never boast about it, but I'm a master of the new art of underbragging — which is why you should envy me.