From Der Spiegel, was having no copyright law the real reason for Germany's industrial expansion? Over time, blackletter — and Fraktur in particular — came to be associated so closely with German culture, language and literature, that it was considered by many to be “unpatriotic” to use any other type. Since Germany’s elimination from the European football championships, an absurd debate about the national anthem has sprung up in Germany — with dangerously exclusive undertones. Jeff Jurgens on right-wingers and salafists as linked opponents. Together, Germany and France have long been viewed as the motor of European integration; in the midst of the economic crisis, however, old suspicions and rivalries between Europe's two key nations are being reawakened. With skepticism over the euro growing in Germany, several of the country's past foreign ministers are planning an appearance to express their clear support for the common currency. Give up sovereignty: Germany debates whether democracy is compatible with the European project. Right-wing terror case offers authorities a chance at redemption.