Gabriele Badano (Cambridge) and Alasia Nuti (York): Under Pressure: Political Liberalism, the Rise of Unreasonableness and the Complexity of Containment. Joe Mulhall (Royal Holloway): The Many Faces of Fascism. Tyranny’s new trick: Unlike 20th-century dictatorships, authoritarian regimes of the 21st do not feel like tyrannies — here’s how it’s done. Pankaj Mishra reviews The Retreat of Western Liberalism by Edward Luce; The Fate of the West: Battle to Save the World’s Most Successful Political Idea by Bill Emmott; The Road to Somewhere: The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics by David Goodhart; The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics by Mark Lilla; and The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray.

The European roots of the alt-Right: George Hawley on how far-right ideas are going international. The prophet of Germany’s New Right: From a tiny village in the country’s rural east, leading nationalist intellectual Gotz Kubitschek builds a vision for the future of his movement across Europe. Investing in illiberalism: Thorsten Benner and Wolfgang H. Reinicke on why European businesses should end their embrace of Hungary and Poland. Brazil and the crisis of the liberal world order: Polarised politics and the rise of nationalism echo Trump’s US and Brexit Britain.

Far-right extremists are using leaked military and intelligence documents to sway elections. Disinformation and the decay of nations: To deal with the rising Nationalist Internationale, we are first going to have to reimagine how we engage with each other.

God’s plan for Mike Pence: Will the vice president — and the Religious Right — be rewarded for their embrace of Donald Trump? (and more) Steve Bannon and members of Trump’s inner circle stash investments in offshore tax havens — so much for “America first”. This is how Steve Bannon and Breitbart tried to sabotage Twitter. The incredibly and historically unstable first year of Trump’s cabinet. “Nikki Haley stuck a knife in his back”: Roger Stone, a close Trump ally, is already writing the story of Trump’s downfall. “She didn’t want this come hell or high water’’: Sarah Ellison goes inside Melania Trump’s secretive East Wing. The White House and the Trump Organization have merged: Ryan Koronowski on the life and times of Eric and Don Jr. If Time picked a Loser of the Year, it would be the idiot sons.

Larissa M. Katz (Toronto): Philosophy of Property Law, Three Ways. Why is the G.O.P. rushing this tax abomination? GOP will try to pass the tax bill because they don’t know what else to do. Why ageism never gets old: The prejudice is an ancient habit, but new forces — in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and beyond — have restored its youthful vitality. Why are two FBI agents being smeared by the Right? Calling Trump an idiot is not proof of partisan bias. Turkey places bounty on two former U.S. government officials. Small talk is trash and the world would be a better place if everyone just stopped doing it. The introduction to Big Mind: How Collective Intelligence Can Change Our World by Geoff Mulgan.

What is going on with Lindsey Graham? With Trump, the GOP is playing a game of diminishing returns. Ben Sasse should get off the Internet and do something. Could Never Trump Republicans have helped more?

The reckoning: A series of essays on women and power in the workplace. Heather Cox Richardson on the macho individualism that gave rise to #MeToo. “A complete culture of sexualization”: 1,600 stories of harassment in higher ed. Susan Antilla on how Wall Street silences women. Dahlia Lithwick: “For 20 years, I’ve felt it was too early to speak up about Judge Alex Kozinski. Now I fear it’s too late”. Backlash: The implications of sending Al Franken packing are starting to become clear on Capitol Hill — and they are troubling. Are Democrats suckers for holding their own to high standards? How the Right seeks to make respecting norms into a liability.

“Rock bottom is no impediment for a new president who can always find room for a new low”: USA Today just ran the most anti-Trump editorial of the year. Trump respects women, you disgusting floozy.

Donald Trump cannot stop endorsing losers. Donald Trump is losing his only superpower: Roy Moore’s loss in the Alabama election reveals the president’s limits in motivating his voters. Black Alabamians discuss their decisive role in Doug Jones’ victory. The Alabama election is the latest example of the political power of black women. Black Women kept Roy Moore out of office — here’s how to actually thank them. Melissa Dahl on the infuriating psychology of white women voting for Roy Moore. The Alabama election shows exactly why feminism in 2018 can’t just be about white women. How Doug Jones lost in nearly every congressional district but still won the state. “That’s how gerrymandered Alabama is”.

Corey Robin on the Republican tax bill: Four takeaways. Kevin Drum on the grad student tuition fee waiver, explained: “I’m afraid STEM is just collateral damage in a war against economics, sociology, women’s studies, education, history, and so forth”. Is the Republican tax plan intentionally sloppy? Hamilton Nolan on how the income tax is great and why the estate tax should be 100 percent. The tax debate we need: Progressive taxation curbs the power of the wealthy — and that’s exactly why the Right hates it. A millionaire explains why he wants to pay more taxes and thinks the Republican tax plan is bad for America: Ella Nilsen interviews Morris Pearl, chair of the board of Patriotic Millionaires. You’re the real job creator: Dayna Tortorici interviews Stephanie Kelton, professor of economics at Stony Brook University.

What happens if the tax bill is a revenue disaster? The Trump tax cuts might jack up the deficit more than anybody expects. Wait, should we care at all about the national debt? From the Congressional Research Service, a report on Deficits and Debt: Economic Effects and Other Issues. Do we really have to hear from Peter Peterson’s crew about the budget? How we think about the deficit is mostly wrong.

Philip Rucker, Josh Dawsey and Rosalind S. Helderman go inside Trump’s legal team: Trying to protect the president from Mueller’s “killers”. Trump wants to fight Robert Mueller by appointing a Bizarro Mueller. Trump is trying to make the FBI investigation partisan — and it’s working. Fox’s pro-Trump hosts are working overtime to discredit Robert Mueller (and more). A dangerous Republican assault on Mueller is building. The partisan, nihilist case against Robert Mueller: Attacks on the special counsel aren’t about misconduct — instead, they’re aimed at discrediting the very idea of professionalism. Trump will have a hard time stopping the Russia investigation — even if he fires Mueller. America is heading for an unprecedented constitutional crisis: The Republican Party is ready to serve as an accomplice to obstruction of justice.

Sean Phelan (Massey): Critical Discourse Analysis and Media Studies. Net neutrality protests move online, yet Big Tech is quiet. Constance Grady on the uproar over the New Yorker short story “Cat Person”, explained. This is why evangelicals love Trump’s Israel policy: Hint — it has to do with burning lakes of fire. Why farmers were the first time travelers: Adam Roberts reviews Time Travel: A History by James Gleick; Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation by Alan Burdick; and Of Time and Lamentation: Reflections on Transience by Raymond Tallis. Sucking up to the Saudis: Rafia Zakaria on the Arab Spring in Tom Friedman’s head. Poland’s autocratic counterrevolution draws nearer (and more).

How will Democrats cope if Putin starts playing dirty tricks for Bernie Sanders (again)? If your political identity primarily consists of hating the Democratic Party, nothing Democratic public officials say or do is going to change your mind. Was the Democratic primary rigged? Ezra Klein on how Democrats made a big mistake in the 2016 primary. Sanders-Clinton commission agrees on changes to make the primaries more open. Is the Democratic Party becoming too democratic?

Former Joint Chiefs chairman Mike Mullen: Likelihood of nuclear war is rising. Is Donald Trump getting ready to attack North Korea? Nuclear destruction “one impulsive tantrum away”, Nobel winners warn. “They want to know if Trump’s crazy”: Susan Glasser goes inside the secret back-channel North Korea talks. Sen. Tammy Duckworth on North Korea: “Most Americans don’t realize how close we are to this war”. A war with North Korea would be a conflict like no other (and millions could die). This is how nuclear war with North Korea would unfold: In one all-too-plausible worst-case scenario, millions die from mistakes and a tweet. Would cyberattacks be likely in a U.S.-North Korea conflict? Here’s what we know.

Suzanne Maloney thinks we’re as close to war with Iran as we've been in 25 years. Trump doesn’t understand Iran — he’s making policy based on a caricature. Evan Osnos on Trump’s irrational hatred of the Iran deal. Is the U.S. about to “cheat” on the Iran nuclear deal? Here’s how this could backfire. What a war between Iran and America would actually look like. Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program — why do media keep saying it does? Trump punted the Iran deal to Congress — Congress just punted it back.

Joseph Lowndes (Oregon): From New Class Critique to White Nationalism: Telos, the Alt Right, and the Origins of Trumpism. “They may not care, but it bears repeating. Trump voters who aren’t rich got had. True, many of them got the bigotry, which is all they wanted. But in so many ways, including this, white supremacy is expensive”. The white supremacy caucus: Michelle Goldberg on Roy Moore, Donald Trump and Republican racism. Roy Moore proves Donald Trump wasn’t a Republican fluke. Amy Davidson Sorkin on Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and the degradation of the G.O.P. The Republican Party’s reality problem and ours: It’s not just Donald Trump and Roy Moore — it’s Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Susan Collins.