Paul Krugman on living in the Trump Zone. The resuscitation of truth: Michael Quirk on a pragmatic defense of political integrity. Big-league bluster: Marissa Gemma and Arielle Zibrak on a politics of the adjective. All bark, no bite: Trump ain’t the negotiator he bragged about. Fareed Zakaria on the education of President Trump (and us). Josh Marshall on the miseducation of Notorious DJT and his uncanny willingness to share, even eagerly share, his new discoveries. Is Trump’s campaign act wearing thin? The more his presidency stalls, the more he turns to his old tricks — but there are signs those worn tactics are losing their power. Engagement with Trump tweets is plummeting.

Are Trump voters ruining America for all of us? First 100 days suggest our democracy is more likely to die in dumbness than in darkness. Wolfgang Streeck on Trump and the Trumpists. On the power of being awful: Trump supporters will never admit they were wrong. Conservatives angry that biased media accurately reports who gets Trump tax cuts. Rebecca Solnit on Donald Trump, Fox News, and the role of anger in America. How Trump blew up the conservative media: Eliana Johnson goes inside the new power dynamics roiling Fox, Breitbart and the Wall Street Journal.

Gary Lucas (Texas A&M): Behavioral Public Choice and the Carbon Tax; and Voter Psychology and the Carbon Tax. Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate change: How psychology can trick us into keeping Earth habitable. There is no conflict between creating jobs and protecting the environment. The policy weapon climate activists need: Government can save the climate from burning the same way it saved the economy from depression — buy out the companies behind the crisis. An environmentalist’s scorn for tree huggers: Louise Fabiani reviews The Wild and the Wicked: On Nature and Human Nature by Benjamin Hale. Lawrence Torcello: “Yes, I am a climate alarmist. Global warming is a crime against humanity”.

The New York Times should not have hired climate change bullshitter Bret Stephens (and a thread). What if climate scientists are guessing wrong? “That is a tic of American conservative-movement thought — the conclusion (small government) is fixed, and the reasoning is tailored to justify the outcome”. Chomsky on the GOP: Has any organization ever been so committed to destruction of life on Earth?

Trump has galvanized activists on the Left — can they stay energized? Donald Trump’s presidency has inspired 11,000 women to run for office. Michelle Goldberg on how the Left learned to hate like the Right. So what if protesters are paid? Critics of today’s mass movements want you to think compensated organizers aren’t sincere — but it’s not true. The lesson from Donald Trump’s first 100 days: Resistance is not futile. Resistance works: Here’s how hundreds of Montanans rallied to kill a bill. When states stand for what’s right against Trump’s feds: The U.S. government and local authorities are fighting once again over civil rights — but the dynamic has been turned upside down.

Want to survive another 100 days of Trump? Don’t get complacent. Why the Left will (eventually) triumph: John Judis interviews Ruy Teixeira, author of The Optimistic Leftist: Why the 21st Century will be Better Than You Think.

Christoph B. Graber (Zurich): Bottom-Up Constitutionalism: The Case of Net Neutrality. Libby Watson on the Republican plan to kill the open Internet. The tech industry joins the political fray: Across the sector, employees are asking their companies and top executives to engage in policy battles in a way that departs from long-standing precedent. Appalled by Trump’s first 100 days, tech workers join the climate justice movement. Donald Trump’s “shadow president” in Silicon Valley: Billionaire iconoclast Peter Thiel’s fingerprints are all over the administration. Tech investor Doug Derwin is running full-page newspaper ads to convince Elon Musk to dump Trump.

Saifullah Khan (BZU): Evolution of Toilets Worldwide Through the Millennia. Donald Trump on whether he could start war with North Korea: “I don’t know. I mean, we’ll see”. Becoming Duterte: Richard Paddock on the making of a Philippine strongman. James Fenton on Duterte’s last hurrah: On the road to martial law (and more). The introduction to The Formation of Turkish Republicanism by Banu Turnaoglu. If abortions become illegal, here’s how the government will prosecute women who have them. Traditional think tanks are withering and bankers and consultants are replacing them: Daniel W. Drezner on how the private sector is taking over policymaking. Fox News’s problem is way bigger than O’Reilly: Before you get too excited about O’Reilly’s firing, look at his replacements.

The specter of illegitimacy haunts Trump’s first 100 days. Trump’s first 100 days have completely undermined America’s political standards. Trump targets undocumented families, not felons, in first 100 days. Donald Trump’s first 100 days have been a big success — at least when it comes to vicious racist policies. In 100 days, Trump has done lasting damage to the planet. Here’s how Trump’s “Axis of Adults” weathered the first 100 days. After 100 days, Donald Trump’s new world order looks like the old one (and more). 100 days in, Trump’s generals seen as a moderating force. In 100 days, a new Jewish elite rises in Washington. Historian H.W. Brands on Trump’s first 100 days: “Very little has been done”.

Trump’s first 100 days destroyed the myth that government should be run like a business. Donald Trump’s first 100 days have been a moneymaking success story. Ivanka’s first 100 days: Donald Trump isn’t the only White House official who will have opportunity to reflect on all they have accomplished since the inauguration. 100 days of Trump style: The transition from self-branding to state branding became a lightening rod for multiple issues surrounding the new administration.

Donald Trump’s environmental agenda at 100 days: Lazy and plutocratic. Trump made a lot of dumb promises, but he’s following through on destroying the globe. Why we should fear environmental destruction under Trump: “The future, under Trump, is a grim dichotomy: rapid annihilation through war, or gradual decline through environmental destruction”. EPA website removes climate science site from public view after two decades. The Kochs have already spent over $3 million lobbying for Trump’s anti-environmental agenda. Sharon Turner on how professional climate change denier Jerry Taylor discovered the lies and decided to fight for science.

Three months into the Trump presidency seemed a good moment to check in with Bill McKibben. “It can’t just be a march. It has to be a movement”: What’s next for climate activists? It’s the end of the world and we know it: Scientists in many disciplines see apocalypse, soon.

Trump is very busy doing nothing at all: Haunted by the 100-day mark, the president has created a lot of news this week — but it’s all an illusion. Looking past governance, Team Trump places a high value on theatrics. The education of Donald Trump: The White House remains on a collision course between the president’s fixed habits and the demands of his new job. So far, Trump is really struggling as a chief executive. Trump has 99 problems, but Democratic obstruction isn’t one of them. Trump’s greatest foreign accomplishment in his first hundred days are twofold: He managed not to blow up the entire world and fired his first choices of national security adviser and deputy NSC adviser.

Trump, bound: On Inauguration Day, the president seemed poised to destroy American democracy; here are the people and institutions that have kept him in check — for now. Here are 100 lies and false statements from Trump’s first 100 days. The most successful first 100 days of an administration didn’t belong to who you (or Donald Trump) think. The failure of Trump’s first 100 days is a win for America. This photo of Donald Trump and kids is epic.

From the Washington Monthly, Nancy LeTourneau on what unites and divides Democrats; and John Stoehr on how the Democrats are now the party of conservative principles. Pardon me while I rage against non-voting Democrats. What happened to your revolution, Bernie Sanders? “Money slithers through Washington like a snake — the influence is everywhere”: Ezra Klein interviews Elizabeth Warren. The Lioness in Winter: Dianne Feinstein survived childhood abuse, assassination attempts, and a brutal fight with the CIA — now it’s time to take on Trump. The only way back: Democrats must promise to investigate every aspect of the Trump administration, even if it takes decades.

Philip Marsden (College of Europe) and Spencer Weber Waller (Loyola): Citizen Fox: The Global Antitrust Vision of Eleanor Fox. Can Marine Le Pen make fascism mainstream? What the French election tells us about the rise of populism: This is not an existential crisis for Western democracy. A poised Mexico sees Trump anew: A “bluffer” at the poker table. Josh Marshall on the White House’s creeping fear about Michael Flynn (and more). The con con con: Scott Yenor on the misplaced hope of a constitutional convention. Paul Ryan, uberwonk: Emmett Rensin on an epitaph for technocracy. This is why Barack Obama shouldn’t take Wall Street speaking fees. A chemistry professor has just found a way to trigger the process of photosynthesis in a synthetic material, turning greenhouse gases into clean air and producing energy all at the same time.