From Nautilus, Adam Kucharski on Euclid as founding father: We hold this mathematics to be self evident. We couldn't live without "zero" — but we once had to. Piotr Urbanczyk interviews Charles McCarty on the limits of mathematical explanation. Majority of mathematicians hail from just 24 scientific "families". Why are there so few women mathematicians? How a corrosive culture keeps women out of leadership positions on math journals. Why does the practice of mathematics often fall short of our ideals and hopes? Francis Su on mathematics for human flourishing. How I rewired my brain to become fluent in math: The building blocks of understanding are memorization and repetition.

Trump struggles to shake his erratic campaign habits. The first days inside Trump's White House: Fury, tumult and a reboot. Trump dogged by insecurity over popular vote, media coverage. Trump struggles badly to pass a test of presidential maturity. Trump aides keep leaking embarrassing stories about how he can't handle embarrassment. President Snowflake: Trump's personal fragility used to just be his problem — now it's ours. Is Donald Trump's insecurity a national security threat? Despite the manifold challenges facing Americans, none may be greater than its vulnerable egomaniac of a president — and his inability to think beyond himself.

Trump's age of ignorance threatens humanity. The government secrets Trump is about to discover: From spy planes to cyberattacks to the private lives of foreign leaders, the president gets access to more confidential material than anyone else on the planet — now, it's all in Donald Trump's hands. Donald Trump gets control of thousands of nuclear weapons. Clover Hope: Donald Trump makes me think about death. Hannah Gais on apocalyptic thinking in the age of Trump: America is ready for the end times. Doomsday prep for the super-rich: Some of the wealthiest people in America — in Silicon Valley, New York, and beyond — are getting ready for the crackup of civilization.

Elaheh Sadeghi and Mohammad Ali Heidari-Shahreza (Islamic Azad): Post-punch Line Humor Booster: A Neglected Component of Persian Online Jokes. Kuno Janson (TTU): Justice, War and Communal Subconsciousness. Alt-Right event in Seattle devolves into chaos and violence outside, truth-twisting inside. Texas state Representative Tony Tinderholt: Jailing women for abortion will make them "more personally responsible" about sex. When the Indians defeat the cowboys: How indigenous people and the Left can continue to win in the wake of Standing Rock. Donald Trump isn't serious about his 3 to 5 million illegal votes claim, and this proves it. The myth of the well-behaved Women's March: When no one is arrested, it's often because no one wants to arrest them. Protests, parties, and sports games all fill the same human need.

NAFTA and other trade deals have not gutted American manufacturing — period. GOP leaders fire warning shot to Trump on NAFTA. Okay, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead — what was it? Trump's economic strategy looking like right-wing governor's. Long on Trump: Wall Streeters like Anthony Scaramucci bet heavy on the would-be president back when that seemed like a pretty dumb investment — bonus time. Rebecca Liao on Trumpism and the Davos Man: The global elite now openly admires authoritarian capitalism. Behind closed doors at Davos: "Make elites great again" — panic grips the World Economic Forum. CEOs used to bash Trump — now they're enabling his reckless policies. It's time for business leaders to wake up about Trump.

Silicon Valley takes a right turn: Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Amazon used their PACs to support Republican Congressional candidates more than Democratic ones in 2016. Jason Tanz on the Trump inauguration, brought to you by Silicon Valley utopianism. Elon Musk, a "team" player, tweets support for Rex Tillerson. This team runs Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page: "His image in the digital domain needs to be controlled". Zuck straight up delivering stump speeches on his Facebook page now. Why Mark Zuckerberg is suddenly acting like a politician. Will Mark Zuckerberg be our next president? It's a serious question — "he wants to be emperor" (and more). Mark Zuckerberg says he's not running for president. Marissa Mayer and the failure of trickle-down empowerment: Why the rise and fall of another "superhero" woman — now Yahoo's controversial CEO — couldn't be more Zeitgeisty.

The shocking affront of Donald Trump's C.I.A. stunt. The real President Trump revealed himself at the CIA. This is psychological warfare: Trump's laugh track is tricking America. Trump's hiring freeze will do the opposite of what he wants. The White House should publish text of Presidential actions immediately online. Trump bans agencies from "providing updates on social media or to reporters", a de facto gag order (and more). Trump moves to put his own stamp on Voice of America. Trump assembles a shadow Cabinet: The White House is deploying a network of advisers to the top of federal agencies as a direct line to stay on top of Cabinet officials. DC's deplorables go job hunting.

The media failed to prepare Americans for the Trump whiplash: The policy stakes of this election were never adequately conveyed by the political press.

From Philosophy Now, a special section on human rights. Evan Fox-Decent (McGill): The Authority of Human Rights. Catherine Buerger and Richard Ashby Wilson (UConn): The Practice of Human Rights. Grainne De Burca (NYU): Human Rights Experimentalism. Adam S. Chilton and Robert Golan-Vilella (Chicago): Did the Creation of the United Nations Human Rights Council Produce a Better "Jury"? Larry Chartrand (Ottawa): Indigenous Peoples: Caught in a Perpetual Human Rights Prison. Ronan McDermott and Dr Patrick Gibbons (UCD): Human Rights and Pro-active Displacement in Natural Disaster Settings: Determining the Appropriate Balance between the Duty to Protect and the Right to Remain.

Masa Galic, Tjerk Timan, and Bert-Jaap Koops (Tilburg): Bentham, Deleuze and Beyond: An Overview of Surveillance Theories from the Panopticon to Participation. Mary Anne Franks (Miami): Democratic Surveillance. Richard M. Re (UCLA): Imagining Perfect Surveillance. Valsamis Mitsilegas (Queen Mary): Surveillance and Digital Privacy in the Transatlantic "War on Terror": The Case for a Global Privacy Regime. Kirsten E. Martin (George Washington) and Helen Nissenbaum (NYU): Privacy of Public Data. Manon Oostveen (IViR) and Kristina Irion (Amsterdam): The Golden Age of Personal Data: How to Regulate an Enabling Fundamental Right? Even bugs will be bugged: Exploring the next frontiers in surveillance. William Gibson on the future of privacy. Cory Doctorow on how the privacy wars are about to get a whole lot worse.

Panos Theodorou (Crete): Evil, Unconscious, and Meaning in History: Outline of a Phenomenological Critique of Utopian-Historiodicial Politics. Busra Nisa Sarac (Yildiz): How Have Post-9/11 Wars Been Gendered? Here's how Trump's anti-abortion rule will affect women worldwide. From the Congressional Research Service, a report on the Smithsonian Institution: Background and Issues for Congress. Chase Madar on Chelsea Manning's existential threat to American innocence. Raphael Pope-Sussman interviews Matt Taibbi, author of Insane Clown President: Dispatches from the 2016 Circus, on Trump, Humpty Dumpty, and "tremendous havoc". The white nationalists come to Washington: Matthew Heimbach spent inauguration weekend taunting demonstrators, feuding with fellow members of the alt-Right, and meeting the GOP.

Andy Grewal (Iowa): The Foreign Emoluments Clause and the Chief Executive. Trump promised to resign from his companies — but there's no record he's done so. Trump has violated his oath to the Constitution — his first act as President. It does not matter one single iota that Donald Trump resigned from his businesses. Donald Trump's conflicts of interest leave him vulnerable. Watchdog group to sue Trump over foreign business profits. We don't gradually glide into corrupt behavior — we jump head first.

Trump names his Inauguration Day a "National Day of Patriotic Devotion". Sources say Trump's CIA visit made relations with intel community worse (and more and more). This is how Donald Trump engineers applause: The tradition of manufacturing applause for public performances goes back to the Roman emperor Nero. Trump struggles to shake his erratic campaign habits. Rocky first weekend for Trump troubles even his top aides. You may have thought that last weekend's temper tantrum was bad — but there's much, much worse to come.

CDC abruptly cancels long-planned conference on climate change and health. Team Trump is launching a frontal assault on the EPA (and more). Dana Nuccitelli on how Trump supporters don't like his climate policies. Trump pledged to reverse Obama's executive orders — here's how well past presidents have fulfilled that pledge. The most dangerous bill you've never heard of just passed the House. Trump is taking action without sharing basic information with the public. In the Trump administration era of "alternative facts", what happens to government data?

Dear media: The Trump White House has total contempt for you — time to react accordingly. Put on your big-boy pants, journos: President Trump's lies don't call for extraordinary media measures — just do your jobs. What Trump could mean for journalism: How reporters around the world cover leaders hostile to them. The Trump administration's lies have already ruined its credibility: The president has made the wrong bet, and it will sink him.