From Slate, Barney Frank is not impressed by Bernie Sanders. Sanders, Trump, and Cruz all want dramatic changes to the US government — Clinton doesn’t. Does Hillary Clinton’s gender hurt her among male voters? Political scientists weigh in. Max Ehrenfreund on what some men have against Hillary Clinton. Most Clinton voters think trade deals are good— and so do most Sanders voters. Simmering for decades, anger about trade boils over in ’16 election. Can free trade survive the rise of the “New Right”? From the New Yorker, is Donald Trump self-destructing? How Anonymous hacked Donald Trump: Can hacktivism bring down The Donald? Ed Kilgore on how an obscure rule could limit the GOP convention to a choice of Trump or Cruz. Republic of Fear: Donald Trump has already transformed American culture — even if he loses the election, Trumpism is here to stay.

This presidential campaign is making Americans like Obama — and that’s good for Dems in November. Martin Longman on how Barack Obama destroyed the Republican Party. “It would be foolish to count unhatched chickens in our own coop. I’ll believe the Republican Party is destroyed and Ronald Reagan’s legacy dismantled when I see a stake driven through its fat black heart and not a moment before”.

Charli Carpenter (UMass): Rethinking the Political / -Science- / Fiction Nexus: Global Policy Making and the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. Brian L. Frye (Kentucky): Plagiarism is Not a Crime. With ISIS finally out, what’s left of Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra? As the women on the U.S. national team fight for equality in their sport, Elizabeth Mitchell discovers that the discriminatory treatment they’ve been subjected to is not merely unfair, but quite possibly illegal. If abortion is murder, then women who have them are criminals, right? Jill Filipovic on how Donald Trump’s abortion logic is totally 100% right. New Antarctic melting study confirms voting Republican would trigger worldwide catastrophe. Charles Blow on how “Bernie or Bust” is bonkers. Patrick Klepek on the people who upload torrents. George Mason U. will rename law school after Antonin Scalia.

Joel Perlmann and Patrick Nevada (Bard): Ethno-Racial Origin in US Federal Statistics: 1980-2020. Mixed marriages are changing the way we think about our race. Eric Liu on an America that’s more than white. Pamela Newkirk on how American democracy sustains racial inequality. Eduardo Porter on how racial identity, and its hostilities, are on the rise in American politics. There’s powerful evidence that racial attitudes drive Tea Party support. No, Trump’s anti-Muslim proposals aren’t anti-American — they’re just the latest entries in a history of American religious and racial persecution. Democrats are freely talking about systemic racism — Republicans have Donald Trump. Democrats who simply ignore the reality that people expressing concern about the changing demographic face of America are in fact concerned about the changing demographic face of America do so at their own peril. Noah Smith on how the left talks about race. White Americans’ attitudes on whether blacks and Hispanics are “givers” or “takers” is affected more by their politics than their class (and more). “My god: only 7% of conservative whites say Black people are net contributors to society”. Michael Harriot on the caucasian’s guide to talking about race.

Roy Mill (Stanford), and Luke C.D. Stein (Arizona State): Race, Skin Color, and Economic Outcomes in Early Twentieth-Century America. “Still a city of slaves”: Selma, in the words of those who live there. Donna Bailey Nurse reviews The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America by Michael Eric Dyson (and more and more). Rachel Charlene Lewis interviews Darryl Pinckney, author of Blackballed: The Black Vote and US Democracy. Do black political activists need to make a radical break from the conventional politics of the past, or do mainstream politicians offer the best hope for racial advancement? Jelani Cobb on the matter of black lives: A new kind of movement found its moment — what will its future be? The Rihanna generation: Daniel Rivero on how black immigrants are reshaping America.

The truth about Mexican-Americans: Julia Preston reviews Mexicans in the Making of America by Neil Foley; A Nation of Nations: A Great American Immigration Story by Tom Gjelten; The Latino Generation: Voices of the New America by Mario T. Garcia; and Latino America: How America’s Most Dynamic Population is Poised to Transform the Politics of the Nation by Matt Barreto and Gary M. Segura. David Cook Martin on how more Mexicans are leaving the US than coming across the border than coming to it. America’s Latino population, once a political sleeping giant, is poised to play a pivotal role in the 2016 American elections — and thanks to the anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric of Republican politicians, the Democratic Party could be the big winner. There are more Latino voters than ever — but there are even more Latino nonvoters.

Karan Mahajan reviews The Making of Asian America: A History by Erika Lee. The invisible Asian: George Yancy interviews David Haekwon Kim, director of the Global Humanities initiative at the University of San Francisco. The term “Asian” may be overly broad but California is stuck with it. Asian American women are closing the gap with white men, but that’s not the point. Cecilia Hyunjung Mo on why Asian Americans don’t vote Republican. Why is it still okay to make fun of Asians? It shouldn’t be — here’s how to defeat Hollywood’s racist stereotypes.

Jurgen De Wispelaere and Leticia Morales (McGill): The Stability of Basic Income: A Constitutional Solution for a Political Problem? From The Washington Post’s In Theory, Christine Emba introduces a symposium on universal basic income. Tom Streithorst on a new golden age: The basic income guarantee. Finnish politicians are discussing a drastic economic policy: paying every citizen a monthly income — could it work? Dylan Matthews on Finland’s hugely exciting experiment in basic income, explained (and more). Matt Bruenig on Silicon Valley and basic income. Ashok Rao on researching basic income. Hamilton Nolan on automation and basic income; on the brilliant simplicity of a guaranteed minimum income; and is it time to just give everyone some money? Just give welfare to everyone. Annie Lowrey on why it’s time for welfare reform again. Basic income is a welfare strategy. Ben Schiller on how a universal basic income is the bipartisan solution to poverty we’ve been waiting for.

Jean R. Sternlight (UNLV), Andrea Kupfer Schneider (Marquette), Penelope Andrews (NYLS), Richard J. Goldstone, Carrie Menkel-Meadow (UC-Irvine), and Robert H. Mnookin (Harvard): Making Peace with Your Enemy: Nelson Mandela and His Contributions to Conflict Resolution. Nate Silver on how Trump hacked the media: Trump’s dominance on cable news isn’t the whole story. Don’t fall for the media distortion about Trump. Who’s the most UFO-friendly presidential candidate? Scott Porch interviews Rebecca Traister on feminism, then and now. Abuse of power: Mike Masnick on why laws should be designed as if the people we distrust the most are in power. Peter Moskowitz on how crowdfunding for the public good is evil. Colin Marshall on reading Calvin and Hobbes in Korea. You can download Deconstructing Popular Culture by Paul Bowman (2008).

From Virginia Quarterly Review, Angie Maxwell on Donald Trump and the Lost Cause. Corey Robin on what Donald Trump can learn from Frederick Douglass. Revenge of the Simple: Matt Taibbi on how George W. Bush gave rise to Trump. Michael D’Antonio on the men who gave Trump his brutal worldview: Tutored by his fiercely ambitious father and tough-as-nails high school coach, the GOP frontrunner has only one ethical code — life is combat. Trump the Disrupter: Is America’s democratic system equal to the challenge of an authoritarian president? New light on the limitations and opportunities of presidential leadership: The first chapter from Predicting the Presidency: The Potential of Persuasive Leadership by George C. Edwards. Emily Thorson on 5 political myths Trump is exploding.

Donald John Trump is almost surely going to be the presidential nominee of the Republican Party — can he be stopped? The GOP’s nuclear option: Andrew Prokop on how Trump could be denied the nomination even with a majority. Bloodbath alert: Donald Trump issues new threat to destroy the GOP.

Peter S. Menell (UC-Berkeley): Property, Intellectual Property, and Social Justice: Mapping the Next Frontier. The Internet Association, a trade group that represents several influential web companies, has endorsed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. Testing territorial limits: A crop of court cases could change the relationship between the United States and its territories. Spoiler alert: Women are already being punished for having abortions. Jeremy Breningstall, Elizabeth D. Herman, and Paige St. John on how anti-abortion activists used undercover Planned Parenthood videos to further a political cause. Jonathan Merritt on the death of moral relativism: Considered by conservatives to be one of postmodern society’s greatest threats, moral relativism may now be a relic of the past. Alexander Gorlach interviews Francis Fukuyama on the EU refugee crisis, ISIS, and Donald Trump.

From PUP, the first chapter from Wisdom’s Workshop: The Rise of the Modern University by James Axtell. Robert Paul Wolff on eight major transformations of American higher education in his lifetime. What is the point of college? Kwame Anthony Appiah investigates. The education myth: The elite consensus on education hurts college students and recent graduates. Billionaires show that going to a top college isn’t very important. If you think Harvard and Columbia are too radical for you, please remember that there are in this great nation plenty of Bible colleges at which your son or daughter will never hear a “radical” idea, and the prices are reasonable. The golden age of college in the U.S. may be drawing to a close. Save our public universities: Marilynne Robinson writes in defense of America’s best idea. Frank Pasquale reviews The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere by Kevin Carey.

Simon Caney (Oxford): Climate Change and Non-Ideal Theory: Six Ways of Responding to Noncompliance. Kian Mintz-Woo (Graz): Climate Economics and Normative Expertise. From Daily Nous, a symposium on philosophers on climate change. Christine Emba on the ethics of climate change: A primer. Assuming, then, that there is a right to a particular environment, what does that environment look like? From the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, a roundtable on technology’s role in a climate solution. Peter-Tobias Stoll (Gottingen): The Climate as a Global Common. Richard Schmalensee (MIT) and Robert N. Stavins (Harvard): Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Experience with Cap-and-Trade. Kemal Dervis and Karim Foda on why it’s time for a carbon tax. Is it worth trying to “reframe” climate change? Probably not. Jonathan Chait on climate change and conservative brain death.

Yes, scientists can link extreme weather events to climate change. Scientists warn of perilous climate shift within decades, not centuries. We had all better hope these scientists are wrong about the planet’s future. The coming desert: Mike Davis on the history of climate science, where discoveries of secular planetary variation — ice ages, desiccation — have always alternated with emphases on human depredation.

Mario J. Rizzo (NYU): Behavioral Economics and Deficient Willpower: Searching for Akrasia. Six years after Obamacare’s passage, haters refuse to accept reality. Bridgette Dunlap on when regulation is bad — except for abortion. Without Scalia, America’s political landscape is being transformed — and it shows just how important this year’s election will be for legal rights. Michelle Chen on the spring break’s cleanup crew: It’s the worst time to be a hotel housekeeper in Miami — the rest of the year’s pretty bad, too. Trump and Cruz are playing right into ISIS’s hands, CIA analyst warns. Rhymer Rigby on how no self-respecting adult should buy comics or watch superhero movies. Rubio is working to play a role at GOP national convention. Lynette Wilson on the sad tale of an osprey held for ransom in Haiti: TenTen’s plight reveals the unexpected perils faced by migrating birds and the unanticipated consequences of poverty.