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  • John Glassie & Ben Greenman

    Known as one of the great intellects of his time, the eccentric 17th-century Jesuit priest, scientist and inventor Athanasius Kircher studied and wrote about everything from optics to mechanics to mathematics – but today we know that his “discoveries” were often off-base, even bizarre. In A …


upcoming events

  • Jose Pagilery presents Bitcoin and the Future of Money

    Bitcoin expert Jose Pagliery provides a detailed look at the impact and future implications of digital currency in honor of his new book, Bitcoin and the Future of Money.

  • Robert Repino in conversation with Ryan Britt

    Take an Orwellian jaunt to the apocalypse with Robert Repino, author of the acclaimed Mort(e). He’ll be in conversation about his inventive and fascinating debut novel with reviewer and writer Ryan Britt.