Between Trump and Putin

From Slate, Franklin Foer on how the real winner of the RNC is Vladimir Putin: The Trump campaign continues its terrifying effort to cozy up to the Kremlin; and on Putin’s puppet: If the Russian president could design a candidate to undermine American interests — and advance his own — he’d look a lot like Donald Trump. Chris Zappone on Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin: Russia’s information war meets the US election. Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook suggests that internal DNC emails leaked

Paper Trail

On Friday, Wikileaks released nearly twenty thousand emails stolen from Democratic National Committee servers. At the Washington Post, Aaron Blake tallies the most damaging emails from the leak, which include messages that mock Sanders, call one of his campaign aides a “damn liar,” and question his loyalty to the Democratic Party. In the wake of the


Fame's Growing Pains

Natasha StaggConsider the following simile: Growing up is like getting famous. The confusing internal and external changes, the influx of sexual attention, with its addictive qualities, and the magnified sense of

Daily Review

The Terror of Our Guns

President Obama has made at least fourteen public statements in response to mass shootings during his tenure. By now, the pattern of public response is tragically familiar.


Emma Cline

A month ago, I attended a reading by Emma Cline at BookCourt, in Brooklyn. Cline's debut novel, The Girls, had just come out to breathless reviews, and the event was well attended. Cline, twenty-seven, seemed neither nervous nor overeager to please. Less-is-more is a concept she understands.


Emma Straub | June 13, 2016 | Appel Salon


Brand New Love

James Greer

The novel Supremacist documents a vision quest undertaken by the narrator, whose name is David Shapiro, and who seems to bear some resemblance to the author, whose name is also David Shapiro, Here’s where complications arise: For example, “David Shapiro” is itself a pseudonym, The fictional David Shapiro, meaning the narrator, is a twenty-six-year-old actuary student who lives in Brooklyn.