Our political moment

Freedom is receding around the world — and a less liberal world is also a more dangerous one. From Commentary, Sohrab Ahmari on illiberalism: The worldwide crisis. Pushing back against the tyrants: Suzanne Nossel on how to counter the alarming authoritarian assault on civil society groups. Liz Cookman is frightened by the nationalism that’s been unleashed in Turkey. “Your country just killed dozens of Syrian civilians and Turkey is in grips of historic purge but this is the news”. Is Hillary

Paper Trail

Last night at the Republican National Convention, Jon Stewart took over the desk at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to deliver a Daily Show–style monologue ridiculing Donald Trump, the Republican party, and Fox News. The New York Times has a full transcript of Stewart’s remarks, which he kicked off with: “I thought Donald Trump was


Fame's Growing Pains

Natasha StaggConsider the following simile: Growing up is like getting famous. The confusing internal and external changes, the influx of sexual attention, with its addictive qualities, and the magnified sense of

Daily Review

A Whiter Shade of Hate

After the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, online activists produced a jarring Internet meme, juxtaposing photos of the Islamic State’s atrocities with historical images of those of the Ku Klux Klan. However strained this connection may be, its visual


Emma Cline

A month ago, I attended a reading by Emma Cline at BookCourt, in Brooklyn. Cline's debut novel, The Girls, had just come out to breathless reviews, and the event was well attended. Cline, twenty-seven, seemed neither nervous nor overeager to please. Less-is-more is a concept she understands.


Brand New Love

James Greer

The novel Supremacist documents a vision quest undertaken by the narrator, whose name is David Shapiro, and who seems to bear some resemblance to the author, whose name is also David Shapiro, Here’s where complications arise: For example, “David Shapiro” is itself a pseudonym, The fictional David Shapiro, meaning the narrator, is a twenty-six-year-old actuary student who lives in Brooklyn.