Blame for the GOP health-care debacle

From Vox, why Republicans would grant health care access to one dying baby — and deny it to millions. Who’s to blame for the GOP health-care debacle, Trump or McConnell? Trump can’t make a health care deal because he doesn’t understand health care. Donald Trump is a victim of Congressional Republicans’ incompetence. Trump cares about looking good, not doing good. Now what? Democrats must decide how to exploit the collapse of Trumpcare. Al Gore breaks with Democratic Party leadership to support

Paper Trail

Former New Republic owner and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is reportedly shopping a book on wealth imbalance and the American economy. In We Should All Be So Lucky: Notes on Fortune, Hard Work, and the Basic Income, Hughes writes that the solution to rapidly increasing inequality in the US could be solved by creating a


Civilizations in Crisis: Chinese Speculative Fiction

Darren HuangIn the Chinese literary world, speculative fiction has long been a necessary means of critique and protest against an overbearing regime. Science fiction authors create new (often dystopian) universes

Daily Review

The Class Renegade

Although it explores a childhood in a northern France blighted by poverty, misery, and prejudice, The End of Eddy differs from the work of Ernaux and Eribon because it is not a return home during a middle age tempered by literary success; it is not replete with emotion recollected in tranquility. It is written in the white heat of recent experience. (Louis was born in 1992.)


Quinn Latimer

In the pages of her recent chimeric collection, Like A Woman, poet and critic Quinn Latimer offers essays, poems, lists, and missives penned since 2010. The result is a critical memoir interleaved with texts on a pantheon of women artists.


Bookforum: “False Starts”


Moving Kings

Joshua Cohen

Each move had its own logistics, each party to a move its own subterfuges. Because the customers would misrepresent their possessions on the online form, Ruth would have to call and followup: buildings vet prospective tenants, movers vet prospective loads.