Trump's party

From The Upshot, Jasmine C. Lee and Kevin Quealy on the 281 people, places and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter: A complete list. Imagine a sane Donald Trump: You know he's a nut — what if he weren't? A guide for undecided Republicans:⁠⁠⁠ Choosing a president isn't easy in this election, but here are three ways a principled conservative might vote. Republicans threaten lawsuits over TV ads linking them to Donald Trump. Trump's greatest service to America may be ending Paul Ryan's career

Paper Trail

The New Yorker has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president: “It will be especially gratifying to have a woman as commander-in-chief after such a sickeningly sexist and racist campaign, one that exposed so starkly how far our society has to go.” Donald Trump has gained his first endorsement from a major newspaper: the Las Vegas Review-Journal.


After Attica

Jack GrossLast month marked the forty-fifth anniversary of the Attica prison revolt. At the outset of the four-day takeover, the prisoners released a list of practical proposals, the first of which read: "Apply

Daily Review

Maidan Voyage

IN THE EAST ARE THE PRO-RUSSIAN Donetsk and Luhansk separatists. Southward lies Crimea, snatched by Russia in 2014. The rest of the nation sprawls inchoately westward, historically arbitrary in its flickering borders, beset by corruption, inflamed with bigotry, rich in


Alexandra Kleeman

Alexandra Kleeman's fiction may share affinities with the luminaries of our postmodern canon—Don DeLillo, Robert Coover, and Ben Marcus—but her sensibility equally recalls the films of David Lynch.


Elephants in Lake Charles

Arlie Russell Hochschild

"YOU CAN TELL I’m a Republican,” Janice Areno says as she invites me to sit down in her office, Elephants fill three shelves of a wall opposite her desk, One is blue-and-white porcelain, a second is gold, a third is red, white, and blue and stands near a young child’s drawing of a yellow one.