Trump's approach to national security

Sahar F. Aziz (Texas A&M): Losing the "War of Ideas": A Critique of Countering Violent Extremism Programs. Threats of violent Islamist and far-right extremism: What does the research say? The media needs to start calling white men terrorist. Most convicted terrorists are U.S. citizens — why does the White House say otherwise? It's not foreigners who are plotting here: What the data really show. What if President Trump really wants to alienate Muslims? Fanning national security fears is GOP's

Paper Trail

Google has released a “Protect Your Election” toolkit ahead of the upcoming elections in France. The kit offers help with password protection, phishing warnings, and defense against denial-of-service-attacks, all of which have been used to target journalists and election officials in numerous countries. The Daily Beast’s Nico Hines reflects on his now-retracted story about hook-ups


End of an Era

Emmett RensinThe era of Obama is over. Now the majority of Americans may see it clearly for the first time. Over the past eight years, it has become apparent that President Obama's presence in office was a distortion.

Daily Review

More than Magic: the Legacy of Robert Silvers

Serious writing and thought, he knew, wasn't a hopeless but honorable pursuit; for the Review's subscribers it was an essential part of life. An intellectual magazine with a larger, more devoted readership than many lifestyle publications—he proved that was possible.


Kelly Luce

"No one is about to do anything crazy, except me," We might want to worry if it's a murderer who says this, Thankfully, it's only Rio Silvestri, the high-functioning narrator of Kelly Luce's novel Pull Me Under (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016).


After Words: Melissa Fleming, "A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea"


The Walk

Deb Olin Unferth

The idea was to go for a walk: the baby in a stroller, the child by the hand, the path straight and scenic, the weather warm and breezy, the family fine and in good humor,But the dog got too hot and lay panting on the ground, and they'd forgotten again to bring the water. The baby (Kryptonite, they called her) was in one of her moods, weeping on and off, refusing to sit in the stroller, tugging off her hat and throwing it into the dirt, so that they had to stop every few yards,