The most fascinating profile you'll ever read

From Buzzfeed, Naomi Zeichner on how Miss Info became hip-hop’s ultimate insider: Today, Minya Oh is the linchpin of Hot 97, rap’s most influential radio station — getting there only took 20 years. Mat Honan on the most fascinating profile you’ll ever read about a guy and his boring startup. Challenging the president, but only on the golf course: Marvin Nicholson, the White House travel director, who has played golf with the president about 140 times, rounds out the president’s foursomes and

Paper Trail

Sarah Kendzior has announced that she is leaving her position as an op-ed columnist at Al Jazeera English, due to what she calls “new rules,” which allow “no room for freedom of thought.” “Writing for AJ English has been great,” she writes. “I will always be grateful to them for running work on poverty, race,



Michael Barron"Writing about music," the saying goes, "is like dancing about architecture." If it's meant to dissuade, the warning has gone unheeded: Over the years, a number of novels about music have ingeniously

Daily Review

Wolf in White Van

As the founding member of the prolific, fiercely beloved band the Mountain Goats, John Darnielle is something of an expert regarding the plight of outcasts. Any outcast status for his new novel, however, has been lately eliminated: Wolf in White Van was just nominated for the National Book Award.


Ben Lerner

10:04, Ben Lerner's ingenious new novel, is a Sebaldian book made from starkly American material. As in Sebald, time haunts 10:04's narrator, But instead of being haunted by an awful, crumbling past, ŕ la Austerlitz, the narrator of 10:04 is swamped by a rising simultaneity; by pasts, presents, and futures happening all at once.


On Karen Graham

Justin Vivian Bond

In the new essay collection Icon (edited by Amy Scholder; published by the Feminist Press), writers discuss their relationships with public figures that they've idolized, obsessed over, worried about, and been inspired by, Contributors include Mary Gaitskill (who pays homage to Linda Lovelace), Johanna Fateman (Andrea Dworkin), and Kate Zambreno (Kathy Acker), among others. The pieces vividly blend biography and autobiography, moving