Test the limits

Michael Ryan (Temple): How Science Explains Politics. Pilar Lopez-Cantero (Manchester): The Break-up Check: Testing Theories of Love in Relationship Terminations. Colombia, FARC rebels reach deal to end half-century war. France has a strange concept of feminism — and secularism: Local bans on “burkinis” aren’t only wrong — they’re counterproductive. The one per cent are coming to Canada’s Arctic: Chris Sorensen on how a luxury cruise ship will test the limits of remote Arctic communities — and

Paper Trail

Marilynne Robinson has won the Richard C. Holbrooke award for her writing, which Dayton Literary Peace Prize founder Sharon Rab praised for being “concerned with the issues that define the . . . prize: forgiveness, the sacredness of the human creature and delight in being alive and experiencing the natural world.” PEN Center USA announced


Reforming the Racist Criminal Justice System

John MiddletonThroughout the Democratic primaries, police brutality and systematic discrimination in the criminal justice system have become critical campaign issues, due in large part to the unrelenting pressure

Daily Review

Here I Am

Jonathan Safran Foer is the Louis CK of the Jews. “I feel like America is the world’s worst girlfriend,” Louis says in one of his routines. “When somebody hurts America, she remembers it forever. But if she does anything bad, it’s like, ‘What? I didn’t do


Jesmyn Ward

James Baldwin's 1963 work, The Fire Next Time, with its forward-glancing title, was the call; The Fire This Time, a collection of essays and poems edited by Jesmyn Ward, is the response. Featuring the work of contemporary, mostly black writers, it finds a way to touch on many subjects.


Terry McMIllan on Gutsy Women


"A Ted Hughes Bestiary" edited by Alice Oswald

David Biespiel

Among the mysteries of the strange animals that appear in A Ted Hughes Bestiary—a compilation edited by poet Alice Oswald of his writing about animals real and invented—is how often these creatures strike me as anything but strange. Taking one of his great plunges into the waterways—those “legendary” depths “deep as England”—he encounters an otter with a “round head like a tomcat,” or a pike with its “sag belly."