Demand answers on Trump, Russia, and the election

How to catch a hacker: Russia’s cyberwarfare operations are built on the back of their cybercriminal networks — can the US and its allies take them down? Trump blows his deadline on anti-hacking plan: He pledged in January to quickly develop a program for countering hackers, but no one seems to know who’s in charge of developing it or where it is. Let’s talk about bubbles and James Comey. As the F.B.I. investigated Hillary Clinton and the Trump campaign, James B. Comey tried to keep the bureau

Paper Trail

A Sense of Direction author Gideon Lewis-Kraus has written a fascinating story about an intellectual journal inspired by Trump. It began in February 2016 with the blog The Journal of American Greatness, described by its founders as the “first scholarly journal of radical #Trumpism.” JAG folded before the election, but when Trump won, the contributors


Please Read Me

Greg MilnerThe Beatles called it quits forty years ago, but books about them are still released at a pace as steady as Ringo’s drumming. No rock band, and few pop icons, have received so much literary attention.

Daily Review

Polymorphously Purple

Remember "masturbating with a magazine"? Not the actual act (though that, too), but the opening scene of the late genius Prince Rogers Nelson's 1984 "Darling Nikki," in which our hero catches the title character in a hotel lobby, in solo flagrante with the glossy pages


Durga Chew-Bose

A critic who prefers the term “enthusiast,” an essayist who worries she’s really a poet, Durga is an unrivalled player of what Doris Lessing, in The Golden Notebook, calls “the game.”


The Life and Death of Louis Kahn

Wendy Lesser

It was not just the suddenness of his death that made it hard to realize Louis Kahn was gone, Something about the way he disappeared from the world—irregularly, mysteriously, with that strange two-day gap when nobody he knew could find him—left many people unable to take in the facts of his death. For the California relatives, who learned about Lou’s death through a series of relayed phone calls, there was a persistent confusion about