Democrats can win

There are still ways to prevent a Trump presidency — but that's not going to happen. Are Democrats wasting their time taking on the Electoral College? Long-shot efforts to stop Donald Trump or change the election system risk taking up time and energy with little to show at the end. Sorry, Al Gore: Support for the popular vote is historically low. The only way Democrats can win the 2020 redistricting fight: Fighting gerrymandering the wrong way could make it worse. Harry Reid is remarkably blase

Paper Trail

Melville House has announced an essay collection featuring work by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, as well as other progressive intellectuals. What We Do Now: Standing Up For Your Values in Trump’s America will be available in January. The Guardian is forming a partnership with Vice Media. Journalists from the newspaper will work at


Reading for the Next Four Years

Margaret EbyIt is still unclear exactly what America under the presidency of Donald J. Trump will look like. But if we believe his campaign promises—deporting of millions of people, registering Muslims, gutting

Daily Review

Toussaint Louverture: A Revolutionary Life

In 1840, soon after Napoleon Bonaparte's spectacular rise and fall, the always-provocative Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle declared, "The History of the world is but the Biography of great men": Individual heroes who changed the world through sheer willpower, charisma,


Alexandra Kleeman

Alexandra Kleeman's fiction may share affinities with the luminaries of our postmodern canon—Don DeLillo, Robert Coover, and Ben Marcus—but her sensibility equally recalls the films of David Lynch.


Elephants in Lake Charles

Arlie Russell Hochschild

"YOU CAN TELL I'm a Republican," Janice Areno says as she invites me to sit down in her office, Elephants fill three shelves of a wall opposite her desk, One is blue-and-white porcelain, a second is gold, a third is red, white, and blue and stands near a young child's drawing of a yellow one.