The general factor

Curt S. Dunkel, Lauren A. Summerville, Eugene W. Mathes, Sean N. Kesserling, Seth D. Yockey, Simon D. Reeve and Jacob M. Stolmeier (Illinois): Using the Prisoner’s Dilemma Task to Examine the Cooperative and Social Effectiveness Hypotheses of the General Factor of Personality. Edward L. Rubin (Vanderbilt): Hyperdepoliticization. Frank Jacob (Wurzburg): Blood, Tits and the Modern Depiction of AntiquitySparatcus: Blood and Sand and the Display of a Historical Myth. Roger Berkowitz (Bard): Drones

Paper Trail

Ben Bradlee, long-time editor of the Washington Post, died on Tuesday. He was ninety-three. Bradlee was in charge of the Post for twenty-six years, during which time the paper broke Watergate and won seventeen Pulitzers. Vogue has an exclusive preview of Griffin Dunne’s new documentary about Joan Didion, We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live. A Kickstarter supporting the film



Michael Barron"Writing about music," the saying goes, "is like dancing about architecture." If it's meant to dissuade, the warning has gone unheeded: Over the years, a number of novels about music have ingeniously

Daily Review


For all its advantages, fiction must cede ground when it comes to capturing the contemporary idiom. A great story collection, and Justin Taylor's Flings is a great story collection, swoops through the world like a butterfly net capturing not only the way we speak but the way we think.


Eula Biss

As Eula Biss began investigating immunity and public health, her interest moved from the question of fear to the question of how to move past it, and into a discussion of social ethics and care: What does an individual body—scared or not—owe the collective body?


Film as Film: The Collected Writings of Gregory J. Markopoulos

Rebekah Rutkoff

A key figure in the New American Cinema of the 1960s, Gregory J.Markopoulos made ambitious films starting in the late ’40s, complex psychodramas and romantic meditations that used symbolic color and rapid montage. For Markopoulos, the delicate and, in his words, “divine” potential of film was too easily damaged when the artist ceded screening responsibility to curators and institutions with their own priorities, both financial and