Rethinking religion and politics in the Middle East

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd (Northwestern): Politics of Sectarianism: Rethinking Religion and Politics in the Middle East. Shams uz Zaman (NDU): Rise of Non-State Actors in Middle East: Regional Dimensions. Anita Fabo (Clark): Refugees in the Arab Middle East: Academic and Policy Perspectives. Permanent refugees reshape the Middle East: Thanassis Cambanis on how Syrian refugees are weaving themselves into the fabric of Turkish life. Despite challenges, Turkey’s Syria policy remains unchanged. Carne

Paper Trail

Author and blogger Andrew Sullivan says he’s currently working on a book about Christianity. Today is is the day that Joshua Cohen—the Harper’s book reviewer and the author, most recently, of the novel Book of Numbers—will begin rewriting Charles Dickens’s debut novel, The Pickwick Papers. Cohen will write his book, PCKWCK, online, for five hours a


Sex and Hysteria in the 1980s

Richard BeckIn the 1980s, an idea took hold throughout the US that very young children existed in a near-constant state of sexual danger. A moral panic ensued, in which many day-care workers were wrongly accused

Daily Review

Fat City

In a recent T: The New York Times Style Magazine story extolling the virtues of boxing films (classic and contemporary), Benjamin Nugent points out that every example of the genre involves a comeback, against all odds. The protagonist pulls off an upset victory in the ring and lives to fight another day.


Sylvère Lotringer

Few people can be said to have singlehandedly introduced a new body of thought to a foreign country, but that is precisely what the critic, professor, and Semiotext(e) founder Sylvère Lotringer did throughout the 1970s and '80s.


Juan Felipe Herrera on the Poet's Role


The Banality of Optimism

Terry Eagleton

Nations, like political creeds, can be upbeat or downbeat. Along with North Korea, the United States is one of the few countries on earth in which optimism is almost a state ideology. For large sectors of the nation, to be bullish is to be patriotic, while negativity is a species of thought crime.