Nowadays largely regarded

Flavia Monceri (UNIMOL): The Nature of the "Ruling Body": Embodiment, Ableism and Normalcy. Jeremie Gilbert (East London): Land Rights as Human Rights: The Case for a Specific Right to Land. Veli-Matti Karhulahti (Turku): Hermeneutics and Ludocriticism. Jonne Arjoranta (Jyvaskyla) and Veli-Matti Karhulahti (Turku): Ludology, Narratology and Philosophical Hermeneutics. Niksa Svilicic (IAR) and Pero Maldini (Dubrovnik): Political Myths and Totalitarianism: An Anthropological Analysis of Their Causal

Paper Trail

Journalists in Ferguson are “learning as they go,” writes Paul Farhi for the Washington Post: “It’s not just the rioters you have to worry about, say reporters; the authorities can be difficult—and dangerous—too.” You don’t say! Something Farhi might consider learning himself is not to use the term “rioters” to describe impassioned protesters facing a hostile


Weird Sex

Vanessa RovetoThere's good sex and there's bad sex. And then there's weird sex—a Freudian purgatory that somehow neither stimulates the libido nor inhibits it. In art and life, we're inclined to seek out pleasure

Daily Review

Tell the World the Facts

As I monitor the images and information streaming from Ferguson, Missouri, I can’t help thinking of the novelist Charles Baxter’s observation about writing fiction: “If you want a compelling story,” he has advised, “put your protagonist among the damned.” Pictures, some from gifted photojournalists like Scott Olson and Lawrence Bryant, others from fearless amateurs with


Yelena Akhtiorskaya

Most extraordinary about Yelena Akhtiorskaya's first novel, Panic in a Suitcase, is the language, which can dive in and out of the consciousness of multiple characters in the space of a sentence. Akhtiorskaya writes about Russian immigrants who fail to fully embrace their new country. Often, they dream about returning, or at least about taking a vacation.


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The Writer's Secret Life


An Air of Impoverishment and Depleted Humanity

Amanda Petrusich

In Do Not Sell at Any Price, Amanda Petrusich visits the secretive, insular world of 78rpm collectors. The oldest version of the record, these 10-inch, two-song albums are increasingly hard to track down. Finding a matching turntable is a feat in itself. The scarcity has kept the number of hobbyists small, and their devotion to “the treasure hunt” fanatical. As Petrusich explains, her interest in 78s began as a nostalgic protest