The capitalist world-ecology

Albert Lin (UC-Davis): Myths of Environmental Law. John Copeland Nagle (Notre Dame): The Environmentalist Attack on Environmental Law. Julia Johnson (Duke): Creating “Accidental Environmentalists” in America: Reconsidering Why Green Initiatives Have Fallen Flat. Robert Meltz on climate change and existing law: A survey of legal issues past, present, and future. Fabian Schuppert (QUB): Beyond the National Resource Privilege: Towards an International Court of the Environment. Tyler McCreary (UBC)

Paper Trail

The National Book Awards were announced last night in Manhattan. Phil Klay won for his short-story collection Redeployment (beating out our favorite, Marilynne Robinson), Louise Glück won for her poetry collection Faithful and Virtuous Night, and Evan Osnos won for his nonfiction book Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China.


Andre Dubus's best characters

Bibi DeitzAndre Dubus's literary superpower is to hit upon that one thing about a character that makes him him, or her her. And in so doing, with subtle, clever details—breadcrumbs on the trail to the nucleus

Daily Review

Our Lady of the Nile

Published in English twenty years after the massacre of the Tutsi people, Our Lady of the Nile is a political novel, addressing race, culture, gender. The brutality of the Hutu-Tutsi conflict is easily misunderstood. This book makes it human, brings it down to the level of the everyday.


Dodie Bellamy

Dodie Bellamy's most recent book, The TV Sutras, is a personal meditation on religious experience, as well as what it means to be a teacher and to be taught.


A Store of Half-Knowledge

Charles D'Ambrosio

The essay, at its best, is a genre shaped by the character of its author. Charles D’Ambrosio describes it as “a forum for self-doubt.” The author’s irresolution runs throughout Loitering, his new collection. “We are more intimately bound to one another by our kindred doubts than our brave conclusions,” he notes. By communicating uncertainty, D’Ambrosio eases its isolation.