Something incredible is happening in Scotland

Richard C. Powell (Oxford): Subarctic Backyards? Britain, Scotland, and the Paradoxical Politics of the European High North. Phil Steinberg on mapping Scotland’s waters. How did it come to this? A confluence of historical forces, North Sea oil and absent-minded politicians has put Britain’s union at risk. From island nation to Atlantic archipelago: Michael Morris on re-assessing Scotland, Britain and Atlantic slavery. Peter Pomerantsev on being British: If Scotland votes “Yes” to independence,

Paper Trail

Last week, the New York Times issued a letter claiming that Slavoj Zizek plagiarized himself in his Op-Ed “ISIS Is a True Disgrace to Fundamentalism,” which ran in the paper on September 3. According the the Times retraction, the Op-Ed recycles entire passages from Zizek’s 2008 book Violence. But now it seems the Times has



Michael Barron"Writing about music," the saying goes, "is like dancing about architecture." If it's meant to dissuade, the warning has gone unheeded: Over the years, a number of novels about music have ingeniously

Daily Review

The End of Days

Life and death in Jenny Erpenbeck's novel are separated by so thin a membrane as to render both a kind of purgatory. But the coexistence is uneasy—something as immeasurable as death doesn't seem to fit naturally within the measured limits of a life, nor does the intimate clock of a lifespan appear to synch with that of historical time. In this book, Erpenbeck is most interested in what can be recuperated from the space between.


Ben Lerner

10:04, Ben Lerner's ingenious new novel, is a Sebaldian book made from starkly American material. As in Sebald, time haunts 10:04's narrator, But instead of being haunted by an awful, crumbling past, la Austerlitz, the narrator of 10:04 is swamped by a rising simultaneity; by pasts, presents, and futures happening all at once.


The Midwest: Cities of the Plain

Edmund White

First published in 1980, Edmund White's States of Desire, (recently republished in an expanded edition), is a late-'70s travelogue in which the author candidly describes gay men and gay life in places throughout the US.