Reimagining the working class

The inaugural issue of The Journal of Working-Class Studies is out, including Michael Zweig (Stony Brook): Rethinking Class and Contemporary Working Class Studies; Jack Metzgar (Roosevelt): Nostalgia for the 30-Year "Century of the Common Man"; Sarah Attfield (UTS): Rejecting Respectability: On Being Unapologetically Working Class; and Betsy Leondar-Wright reviews Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right — and How We Can, Too by George Lakey. Working-class men's refusal to do "women's

Paper Trail

The finalists for the National Book Critics Circle Award were announced today. Margaret Atwood will receive a lifetime achievement award, Yaa Gyasi’s Homecoming has won an award for debut fiction, and frequent New Republic and Guardian contributor Michelle Dean has won the Nona Balakian Citation for Excellence in Reviewing. Finalists for the book awards include


Hobo Lit

Michael Sandlin America's attitudes toward its most destitute citizens have always been sharply polarized. Consider, for instance, the philosophical divide between Emerson's uncharitable self-reliance ("Are they my

Daily Review

From Lying to Leering

Trump is patriarchy unbuttoned, paunchy, in a baggy suit, with his hair oozing and his lips flapping and his face squinching into clownish expressions of mockery and rage and self-congratulation. He picked as a running mate buttoned-up patriarchy, the lean, crop-haired, perpetually tense Mike Pence, who actually has experience in government, signing eight anti-abortion bills in his four years as governor of Indiana, and going after Planned Parenthood the way Trump went after hapless beauty queens. The Republican platform was, as usual, keen to gut reproductive rights and pretty much any rights that appertained to people who weren't straight, or male, or white.


Judith E. Stein

Judith E, Stein's book Eye of the Sixties: Richard Bellamy and the Transformation of Modern Art examines the life of the art dealer who founded the fabled Green Gallery and was an early champion of artists including Mark di Suvero, Claes Oldenburg, James Rosenquist, and Donald Judd


An Evening with Debbie Reynolds


On Intimate Geometries: The Art and Life of Louise Bourgeois by Robert Storr

Christopher Lyon, Linda Norden, Martha Schwendener, Léa Vuong, and Robert Storr

This 828-page tome on the art and life of Louise Bourgeois, who was born in 1911 and died in 2010, is the product of some thirty years of work. It comprehensively surveys Bourgeois's career as an artist, which spanned nearly seventy-five years, with more than nine hundred illustrations.