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Barry Miles and John Tytell discuss William S. Burroughs

Acclaimed biographer Barry Miles discusses his new work, Call Me Burroughs, with John Tytell.

Decades ago, Norman Mailer made the assertion that "William Burroughs is the only American novelist living today who may conceivably be possessed by genius," and few writers have come close to the sheer production and effect that Burroughs had on an entire literary generation.

In his newest biographical work, celebrated writer Barry Miles provides a closer-than-ever glimpse of Burroughs' legacy, from his well-known writings, to his experimental recordings and visual arts projects, as well as snapshots of his personal life. Barry is also the author of the wildly popular volume, Hippie, which lends shape and cohesion to a period of great change in American history.

Joining Barry for the evening will be Pulitzer prize winning biographer John Tytell, author of the Paradise Outlaws: Remembering The Beats.