We’ll be merging with machines

David Gunkel (NIU): The Machine Question. Taking over from evolution: Arthur Saniotis and Maciej Henneberg on how technology could enhance humanity. What does the word “post-human” actually mean? Of course, we’ll be merging with machines, but what’s the final product? From The Journal of Personal Cyberconsciousness, Giulio Prisco on Transcendent Engineering. How can one promote longevity in the polarized atmosphere of contemporary USA politics? Registering to vote is the first step. Do you want to be immortal, really? Yes, really. Would it be boring if we could live forever? George Dvorsky wonders. Immortality will arrive via Singularity, nanotech, or genetic engineering, say 800+ transhumanists. Nikola Danaylov on 17 definitions of the technological Singularity and on the top 10 reasons we should fear the Singularity. Luke Muehlhauser is facing the Singularity. For four years, Singularity University has deployed “exponentially advancing technologies” to address humanity’s biggest problems; now the elite Silicon Valley school is planning to exponentially advance itself.