The financialization age

Sheila C Dow (Stirling): Different Approaches to the Financial Crisis. David Jaffee (North Florida): The Global Financial Crisis and the Goods Moving Economy. Chris Arthur (Toronto): Consumers or Critical Citizens? Financial Literacy Education and Freedom; and Financial Literacy Education: Neoliberalism, the Consumer and the Citizen. Computers and clever maths enable traders to buy and sell in the blink of an eye — but does high-frequency trading make matters worse when things go wrong? Wall Street is overpaid: One of the most frequently-overlooked problems of the financialization age is that a lot of our brilliant financial engineers are actually pretty damned average, when it comes to playing the market. Sean T. Mitchell reviews Wall Street at War: The Secret Struggle for the Global Economy by Alexandra Ourousoff. Euro-Keynesianism: Engelbert Stockhammer on the financial crisis in Europe. Revolt of the rich: Mike Lofgren on how our financial elites are the new secessionists. Big Finance’s best friend: Frank Pasquale reviews Finance and the Good Society by Robert Shiller. Nathan Marcus on why financial crises give birth to legends.