Social media land

From TripleC, Sebastian Sevignani (UTI): The Problem of Privacy in Capitalism and the Alternative Social Networking Site Diaspora*; and Ekaterina Petrovna Netchitailova (Sheffield Hallam): Facebook as a Surveillance Tool: From the Perspective of the User. Mark McGrath on Facebook's fake likes — a poisoned chalice. Pan-Islamic Facebook competitor Salamworld to launch in November. Let’s nationalize Facebook: Only then will the social network protect users’ rights and share valuable data with researchers. Are you sure the agency Facebook, YouTube or Twitter account you follow is legit? The GSA launches an official registry for government social media sites. A review of Discourse of Twitter and Social Media: How We Use Language to Create Affiliation on the Web by Michele Zappavigna. Meanland: Malcolm Harris on the radical terrain of social media. The demise of a social media platform: Aja Romano on tracking LiveJournal's decline. Deborah Lupton on a sociologist’s adventures in social media land. The New York Review of Magazines reviews The Social Media Monthly. Guy Kawasaki was so stoked by Google+ he wrote a book about it; Fast Company wanted to know why he thinks we'll all get on board someday.