Evolution in the human lineage

From Edge, an interview with Joseph Henrich on how culture drove human evolution; and Ryan Phelan is on a mission to provide deep ecological enrichment through extinct species revival. Across the sea of grass: how Northern Europeans got to be 10% Northeast Asian. A review of Moral Origins: The Evolution of Virtue, Altruism, and Shame by Christopher Boehm. Tracing the world's ancestor: How many generations does it take before someone alive today is the ancestor of everyone on the planet? The largest genomic study finds the Khoe-San peoples are unique, special. What explains the extraordinarily fast rate of evolution in the human lineage over the past two million years? Paul Rincon investigates. Why selfishness still doesn’t pay: A recent finding that undermines conventional thinking on the evolution of cooperation doesn’t, after all, prevent altruistic behaviour from emerging. Here are ten educational facts about the Palaeolithic. Sedeer El-Showk on debating our ancestor’s sex life. Will humans eventually all look like Brazilians? The evolution of fairness: Can examining how inequality began in a hunter-gatherer society teach us how to fairly share the costs and consequences of how we use diminishing natural resources?