A climate-crazed world

Shahzad Ansari (Cambridge) Frank Wijen (EUR), and Barbara Gray (PSU): Constructing a Climate Change Logic: An Institutional Perspective on the “Tragedy of the Commons”. Albert Lin (UC-Davis): Does Geoengineering Present a Moral Hazard? Richard J. Pierce Jr. (GWU): Legal Disputes Related to Climate Change Will Continue for a Century. From The Globalist, L. Ronald Scheman on the Cheney test for climate change; and Brent Ranalli on the conservative case for a proactive climate policy. Michael E. Mann on the number of things Nate Silver gets wrong about climate change. How certain can we be about climate change? David Roberts investigates. Why did the Mayan Civilization collapse? Deforestation and climate change. Rock Whisperer: To find out how fast, and how much, polar ice might melt in the future, scientists are looking to ancient rocks for clues of what happened in the past. Climate, human population and human survival: John Brooke on what the deep past tells us about the future. In a climate-crazed world, how can we plan for the future?